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Call of Duty: Mobile

Following Season 4’s second community update, Call of Duty: Mobile has received a new featured event called Surviving Alcatraz. It follows the basic event points system in which players have to complete objectives in order to earn the event points. Further, they can use those points to redeem free rewards.

The Surviving Alcatraz event features various weapon skins, XP cards, credit points and much more but for a limited period of time. So players must hurry up and accumulate all the freebies before the event expires.

Here’s all you need to know about Surviving Alcatraz event.

COD Mobile Surviving Alcatraz event – Duration

Image Activision
  • Start Date: June 18, 2021
  • End Date: June 24, 2021

*All dates are in UTC

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Surviving Alcatraz Missions

  1. Play 2 BR Alcatraz Matches. (10x points)
  2. Play 5 BR Alcatraz Matches. (15x points)
  3. Deal 500 damage in BR Alcatraz map. (10x points)
  4. Deal 1000 damage in BR Alcatraz map. (15x points)
  5. Kill 15 enemies in BR Alcatraz matches. (20x points)
  6. Open 3 weapon Supply Boxes in BR Alcatraz matches. (10x points)
  7. Kill 5 enemies with Epic Weapon in BR Alcatraz matches. (20x points)
  8. Kill 3 enemies in BR Alcatraz matches. (20x points)
  9. Enter the top 10 in BR Alcatraz 3 times. (10x points)
  10. Win 1 BR Alcatraz Match. (20x points)

Event Rewards

  • Weapon XP card x10 (requires 60 points)
  • Credit points x200 (requires 70 points)
  • AK-47 Wanted (requires 80 points)
  • Wingsuit Leather and Lead (requires 100 points)
  • DRV Leather and Lead (requires 120 points)

As one might notice, all of the missions combined can offer a total of 150 points. So players can skip certain missions and still unlock all the rewards.

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