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Call of Duty: Mobile

COD Mobile Season 5 is over halfway through, and Activision has probably released the final community update of the current season. While Season 6 is merely a few days away, the game developers is nowhere finished with the fifth one.

The latest update boasts plenty of new content, including the new Ground Mission mode, three new seasonal challenges, credit store update, and much more. Here’s an overview of the new features and changes implemented in the latest update.

Call of Duty: Mobile July 16th Update Patch Notes

New and Upcoming events

Here is a quick look at all of the newest events and others launching throughout the week:

  • 07/13 – 07/19 ~ Spawn Trap (MP)
  • 07/13 – 07/19 ~ Hardcore Hold (MP)
  • 07/14 & 07/16 ~ Three New Seasonal Challenges
  • 07/16 ~ Credit Store Update
  • 07/16 – 07/22 ~ BR Alcatraz
  • 07/16 – 07/22 ~ Aniyah Incursion 24/7 (MP)
  • 07/16 – 07/22 ~ Ground Missions 24/7 (MP)
  • 07/16 – 07/29 ~ Omnipotent Draw
    • A legendary variant of Ghost has arrived
  • 07/20 – 07/26 ~ Attack of the Undead 20 (MP)
  • 07/20 – 07/26 ~ Shoot the Ship 24/7 (MP)

*All Dates UTC

New Game Mode: Ground Mission

r/CallOfDutyMobile - Call of Duty: Mobile - July 16th Community Update
COD Mobile Ground Mission mode

It is a 10v10 Domination with 5 different capture points and a higher-than-normal score limit. Games are longer, more chaotic, and more action packed with constant combat occurring all over the map.

Ghost – Retribution

r/CallOfDutyMobile - Call of Duty: Mobile - July 16th Community Update
CoD Mobile Ghost

Rising from the depths of Season 5: In Deep Water is the long awaited and legendary Ghost – Retribution! The fan favorite Ghost returned from the dead earlier this season in the comics (found in-game by the Battle Pass) and as of yesterday we have our first ever Legendary variant of Ghost. 

Ghost – Retribution comes equipped with a variety of unique cosmetics! For the first time for a legendary operator, many of these cosmetics are based in Battle Royale instead of Multiplayer. Here are the details:

  • Custom Lobby Screen
  • Custom Opening BR Animation (with Riley)
  • BR Class Clown Spawns Riley instead of the usual K9 Unit
  • Ghost Styled Death Box
  • Holographic Kill Counter Watch/Device

Omnipotent Draw

r/CallOfDutyMobile - Call of Duty: Mobile - July 16th Community Update
Omnipotent Draw

The Omnipotent Draw contains many other items themed and styled to Ghost, like a sleek and black tank camo in BR, the M4 – Vengeance, Emote – Put on a Show, and more. Get a glimpse of some of those items below and check it all out in-game now!

New Seasonal Challenge: Sawed Off Shenanigans

It’s fitting that 6 out of the 7 parts to this Seasonal Challenge require you to use various shotguns, in BR, MP, or even with your Shotgun blinged out with your favorite charm 😉. In addition to the Shorty, the Sawed Off Shenanigans Seasonal Challenge will reward 20,000 Battle Pass XP and the following:

  • Echo – Helm (Uncommon)
  • Charm – Puffer Punk (Rare)
  • Frame – Rhinestone (Rare)
  • New Functional Weapon – Shorty

New Seasonal Challenge: Board of Honor

This seven-part seasonal challenge is all about Battle Royale as well! Complete matches, get kills with specific types of weapons, and win Ranked matches to complete all of the tasks. By doing so you can walk away with 19,000 Battle Pass XP and the following rewards:

  • (Uncommon) FHJ-18 – Helm
  • (Uncommon) Type 25 – Navigator
  • (Rare) Avatar – Octopus
  • (Rare) Pharo – Cut Wave

New Seasonal Challenge: Rifle Ace

r/CallOfDutyMobile - Call of Duty: Mobile - July 16th Community Update

This seven-part seasonal challenge is your first and only chance to grab an Epic weapon blueprint on top of a variety of other rewards! You’ll need to play MP matches, get kills with assault rifles, use specific loadouts, and have the new CR-56 AMAX available to use. If you manage to do all of that you’ll snag 19,000 Battle XP and the following rewards:

  • (Uncommon) Frag Grenade – Helm
  • (Uncommon) UL736 – Helm
  • (Rare) Spray – Squid Attack
  • (Rare) Calling Card – Tools of the Trade
  • (Epic) AK117 – Rhinestone

Credit Store Update

r/CallOfDutyMobile - Call of Duty: Mobile - July 16th Community Update
Season 5 Credit Store update

We may be halfway through the season but that doesn’t mean the credit store updates have ceased! Another one has arrived this week and with it comes a variety of different items. You can find these all in-game now but here is the full list:

  • ATV – Eyes in the Dark (1.2K credits)
  • Operator Skill – Ballistic Shield (2K credits)
  • .50 GS – Droplets (3k credits)
  • SMRS – Rust Trim (3k credits)
  • (Epic) Charm – Dinosaur (3K credits)

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