The Katana is a lethal melee weapon in Call of Duty Mobile introduced last month as a part of the Sharpened Skills event. It can one-shot enemies as it deals around 200 damage. And not only that, having a Katana as a melee weapon gives a different kind of feeling—a good one, of course. 

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Since the Sharpened Skills event is now over, we will talk about whether players can still get the Katana or not in this COD Mobile guide. We will also share the past challenges required to unlock the Katana in COD Mobile. 

How to Get a Katana in COD Mobile 

At the time of writing this article, players cannot get the Katana melee weapon in COD Mobile. The Katana was introduced in COD Mobile as a limited-time weapon that players could obtain for free from the Sharpened Skills event. 

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During the event, players had to complete the below challenges to earn points. 

  • Play 5 MP matches. (10 points)
  • Play 10 MP matches. (10 points)
  • Kill ten enemies with Melee weapons. (15 points)
  • Use the Shadow Blade Operator skill five times in MP matches. (25 points)
  • Kill 20 enemies with the Shadow Blade Operator skill in MP matches. (15 points)
  • Deal 6000 damage in MP matches. (20 points)
  • Earn the Backstabber Medal 5 times in MP matches. (15 points)
  • Kill 20 enemies with the Lightweight and Dead Silence equipped. (10 points)
  • Win 5 MP matches. (20 points)

Once they had 140 points out of 160, they could have claimed Katana for free.  

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Being a limited-time weapon, players can expect a re-run of the event. But for now, all players can do is wait. 

COD: Mobile is a widely popular free-to-play action multiplayer game currently available on Android and iOS devices.

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