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The Holger Strike challenge is live now for the renowned title, Call of Duty: Mobile. As the name suggests, the new seasonal challenge allows players to unlock the new functional weapon, Holger 26.

The Holger 26 is a light machine gun that first appeared in Modern Warfare. The fully automatic weapon has a magazine size of 100, making it a great choice for mid-range combats.

From its missions to rewards, here’s everything you need to know about COD: Mobile’s Holger Strike challenge.

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Holger Strike challenge: Start and End Date

As per the official patch notes, the Holger Strike challenge starts on June 16 and will end on June 29 (UTC). Therefore, players have around two weeks to complete all the missions of the event.

Missions and Rewards

The Holger Strike is a six-part seasonal challenge that features the following missions and rewards.

Mission 1:

  • Objective: Kill 30 enemies in any game mode.
  • Reward: Weapon XP card x10 and Battle Pass XP x1000
Image: Activision

Mission 2:

  • Objective: Kill 20 enemies with any Assault Rifle equipped with 5 attachments.
  • Reward: Smoke Grenade – Wanted and Battle Pass XP x1500
Image: Activision

Mission 3:

  • Objective: Kill 15 enemies with headshots using any LMG.
  • Reward: M21 EBR – Carrion and Battle Pass XP x2000
Image: Activision

Mission 4:

  • Objective: Kill 30 enemies with any LMG equipped with any magazine and 4 attachments.
  • Reward: Eternal Slumber and Battle Pass XP x1500
Image: Activision

Mission 5:

  • Objective: Kill 20 enemies with any Assault Rifle with any charm attached.
  • Reward: Holger 26 gun and Battle Pass XP x3000
Image: Activision

Mission 6:

  • Objective: Kill 30 enemies with Holger 26 with any 3 stickers attached.
  • Reward: Deputized Frame and Battle Pass XP x4000
Image: Activision

How to complete Holger Strike challenge in COD Mobile?

Image: Activision

To complete the Holger Strike challenge, players must complete all the six missions mentioned above in sequential order only. As they progress through each mission, the corresponding reward will be unlocked. Simply, click on the claim button to collect the unlocked reward.

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