Call of Duty: Mobile
Call of Duty: Mobile

COD Mobile had its much-awaited season 8 test server last week, which gave us a sneak peek of the new content coming in the future updates. The update was packed with a lot of new features, including the new Grasshopper BR class.

Similar to the other battle royale classes, the Grasshopper class has a unique active and passive ability. However, players have to unlock the class first before accessing it in Call of Duty: Mobile. So without further ado, let’s take a look at all the details of Grasshopper BR Class in this Call of Duty: Mobile guide.

COD Mobile Grasshopper class overview

Every Call of Duty: Mobile class comes with two different abilities, and Grasshopper class is no different.

COD Mobile Grasshopper BR class
COD Mobile Grasshopper BR class (Image: Activision)

Primary ability: Jet Bag

The primary ability of the Grasshopper class would be called Jet Bag, which increases the amount of gas injection and nitrogen recovery speed. However, many players will be unaware of the sophisticated terms like nitrogen, gas injection as there’s no such mechanism available in COD Mobile right now.

As per speculations, the Grasshopper’s Jet Bag ability could be associated with the gas grenade tactical equipment, which detonates on collision with a surface and releases tear gas. This causes deceleration, blurred vision, and coughing to any enemy caught in its radius.

Passive ability: Jet Jump

Upon activating the Grasshopper’s secondary or passive ability, Jet Jump, players would be able to jump much higher than usual. In addition to this, they can shoot in the air, but it will also increase the emission.

The jet jump will be pretty useful to sit on top of something in the map like a ledge, mountain, wall, building to gain a much greater height to hold off angles. Moreover, gamers can also use it to scout nearby areas.

How to unlock the Grasshopper class in COD Mobile?

As we all know, the battle royale classes aren’t available by default in the Call of Duty: Mobile. In order to unlock the Grasshopper class, players have to either participate in a featured event or seasonal challenge in COD Mobile season 8.

They’ll be tasked to complete certain objectives in multiplayer and battle royale mode. After clearing all of them, the Grasshopper class will be unlocked, and players can simply use it in their next game.

More details for the event or challenge will be unveiled upon the season 8 launch.

So that’s everything you need to know about the COD Mobile Grasshopper BR class. Don’t forget to check our dedicated Call of Duty: Mobile section for more news, guides, features, tier lists and more.

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