Coins are extremely important in Disney’s newly launched Club Penguin Island, but fortunately there are a lot of ways for players to pile up the coins. I am here to help you learn them all by sharing a complete guide on how to make more coins in Club Penguin Island. And do it fast!

Before we get there, don’t forget to check out our tips and tricks for the game where even more goodies and guide await. But I know you’re here for the money, so let’s make it rain! Here is how to make more coins quickly in Club Penguin Island!

Collect everything that shines
If it shines, it makes you money! That’s the deal with Club Penguin Island and I am sure that even more shiny things will be added in the future by new updates. But until then, make sure that you collect all the items that you stumble upon while exploring the Club Penguin Island: Seashells, Flowers, Coconuts, Pearls and even Gold Coins. Make sure that you collect them all and trade them constantly in order to fill your virtual pockets with virtual money! You can trade aka recycle all the things you have collected in the special machine behind Aunt Arctic.

Complete the Daily Challenges
Not only that they are extremely fun and easy, but they also reward you with a bunch of coins. I like to call them free coins because I don’t consider I’m actually working for them when I am having so much fun. So yes, make sure that you complete the daily challenges… daily and you’ll soon have enough coins to buy everything you want!

Complete the story missions
They are also really fun to perform AND reward you with various other cool items. But completing the adventure missions also rewards you with coins – an extra reason to complete them all as soon as they’re available!

Go fishing!
Towards the ship, there’s a nice little area where you can grab a fishing rod and start fishing. There are various fish that you can capture and the whole process is both extremely easy and relatively fast. The fish that you catch can instantly be sold for various amounts of coins. Unfortunately, you can’t fish indefinitely: there’s a limit of 10 fish per day which might or might not change in the future. It’s still a nice and easy thing to do on a daily basis in order to get some extra money quickly.

These would be, for now, the methods of making money in Club Penguin Island but I am sure that as more updates are released, even more will become available. Also be on the lookout for special offers which will definitely come sooner or later, holding great rewards.

If you have some other tips or tricks on how to make more coins in CPI fast, let us know by sharing your comments below.


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