Disney have recently released Club Penguin Island on mobile after completely shutting down their long-running MMO/Virtual World Club Penguin. The new release didn’t receive the love the previous game got, mostly because of the different approach, but the game is still considered really fun by many and it can only improve from now on. We’re here to make everything easier by sharing with you some Club Penguin Island cheats and tips in our complete strategy guide.

We have to note first that if you are not a premium member and pay the monthly subscription, there’s an extremely limited amount of things you can do. Basically, all that you can do now as a free member is to run around and collect things. More content is expected to be released in the near future, with constant updates incoming so both the free players as well as those who pay the monthly subscription will have more things to do.

But until then, it’s still good to collect as many things as you can and have them ready for when the content comes. Now here are some Club Penguin Island tips and tricks to get you started and running in this cute world re-imagined by Disney:

1. Buying a Premium Membership really matters
And it makes a difference. This is not really a free to play game and Disney is not offering much to free members. Even more, when you level up as a Premium Member you receive more rewards than a free one. Therefore, the best idea is to get the Premium membership as soon as possible since leveling up at first is really easy and happens very fast.

If you don’t start with a Premium membership (get the free trial, at least), you will lose a lot in terms of content and goodies. And after the free week passes, if you really don’t like what’s on the menu, you can cancel the subscription and move on to something else.

2. Collect all the shiny stuff
OK, not everything is shiny, but they can be turned into shiny (aka money). There are a lot of things that you can collect in the game, like Seashells, the blue Flowers, Coconuts, Pearls, Seaweed and so on. Most of them are just laying around and are easy to collect, others require you to interact (like Coconuts or Flowers). Make sure you collect as many as possible each day in order to make a small fortune.

3. Complete the daily challenges
Every day you will receive some challenges that will help you make more money to customize your Penguin and level up your character. Make sure that you complete them, as well as any other Adventures that you might have available at the moment in order to quickly level up and unlock even more cool things in CPI.

4. Go fishing!
Fishing is a really interesting and fun minigame that you can play to make a lot of coins if you have enough time to spend fishing. Simply go near the fishing rods and start fishing. You won’t have to wait a ton of time to start catching fish (and other stuff), then sell them for nice amounts of money. Perfect!

5. Keep leveling up
Leveling up or Ranking Up is the key thing to do in Club Penguin Island as it opens up a ton more customization options for your penguin and will probably unlock special goodies and activities, as well as missions, in the future. The easiest way to level up is to complete the daily challenges and the Adventure missions – make sure that you level up as fast as possible!

6. Customize and have fun
Club Penguin Island is more of a virtual world than a real game so interacting with others and pimping up your penguin is the right thing to do. So make sure that you take advantage of that premium membership to create the coolest clothes and items for your Penguin, collect items and start parties and interact with other people. There are many fun activities to do in the game so find them all and keep doing what you like the most while having in mind the tips above: collect things and level up.

This would be it for now in terms of Club Penguin Island tips and tricks. There are no actual cheats for the game since this is a title that works online and there’s little reason to cheat anyway since there’s not yet much to do. But if you have other tips and tricks to share with fellow CPI players, let us all know by commenting below.



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