Clash Royale Which Witch Draft Challenge Guide and Tips

Super Witch Clash Royale

One of the best ways to check your skill in Clash Royale is to participate in challenges. Additionally, victory in the challenge gives you gold and other items. You can opt for grand challenge or classic as well. However, at this moment there is the Which Witch challenge, which is pretty interesting.

Which Witch Challenge Guide and Tips

If you have a premium pass – there are no problems with completing the challenge. You can play until you do 8 wins, it allows you to claim the best reward. However, if you have no premium pass, you will have only 3 tries to complete it. Probably, you will need some tips on how to win this draft challenge. So, here they are.

  1. Check the meta. Unfortunately, cards in Clash Royale are badly balanced. Using high-tier cards will nearly guarantee you victory. Therefore, you have to check the meta before starting the challenge. Also, check the best decks by looking at the Top Royalers decks. Look at specific combinations in their decks and try to make them while picking the correct cards.
  2. Take care of the mana curve. Your opponent will pick worse cards for you. Despite it, you have to build the best possible mana curve by picking your 4 cards. So, take care of what you pick, it is extremely vital.
  3. Be focused on the game. It is the simplest tip, but it works. Put off things that can interrupt you, take your time to play and start. Clash Royale is a fast-going game and you need to pay attention to it while playing. Otherwise, you will definitely lose.

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That is all with tips for Which Witch Draft Challenge. Hope you will complete it with the best result.

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Clash Royale Which Witch Draft Challenge Guide and Tips


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