Clash Royale Best Mortar Deck to Use in 2022

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Mortar is a legendary card in Clash Royale. Since the game was released in 2016, the mortar is one of the most widely used cards in the game. However, how does mortar feel in the battles in 2022, is it good? Let’s find out!

Is Mortar Good in Clash Royale 2022

Throughout history, mortar decks all the time required skill in Clash Royale. When you play with mortar and win, you can be sure that you are professional. And is mortar good in 2022? Definitely yes, using mortar still can win the battle as in 2016. However, you need to spend a lot of time understanding how to play with mortar correctly. So, below are the best mortar decks to use in 2022.

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Classic mortar

The deck includes Mortar, Fireball, Miner, Guards, Dart Goblin, The Log, Bats, and Rascals.  It is the most common variety of the most famous deck. To attack the enemy, you can use the mortar and miner. Miner you can also use as a spell bait. Also, there is a powerful attack by using Rascals at the front line and others at the back. Talking about the defense, all is up to you. However, you can be sure that you can use any card to defend your tower.

Mortar bait

This deck includes Mortar, Skeleton Army, Bats, Dart Goblin, Cannon Cart, Skeleton Barrel, Spear Goblins, and Skeleton Kind. If you learn how to play this deck, you will become invincible. You have to spam one side with all skeletons you have and after put the mortar to attack. For defense, you need to use the same combination of cards. And it is really interesting. But the deck is suffering from Electro Giant decks.

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Clash Royale Best Mortar Deck to Use in 2022


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