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Clash of Clans Hero Equipment Guide: How to Get and Use Hero Equipments

Clash of Clans Hero Equipment Guide: How to Get and Use Hero Equipments
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With the Townhall 16 update, Heroes have received some love and care in the form of Hero Equipment. In this guide, we will discuss the Hero Equipment added to Clash of Clans in the December 2023 update and how you can obtain and use them.

Heroes have been a part of Clash of Clans for nearly a decade. These powerful units are a key component of many attack strategies and can single-handedly change the tide of war. For a long time, Supercell had only been adding new levels to Heroes, with no major gameplay features added for them, except for skins.

What are Hero Equipment in Clash of Clans?

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In Clash of Clans, every Hero has two abilities that can be activated by clicking on the Hero during an attack. With the addition of Hero Equipment, players can now switch a Hero’s abilities by switching between different pieces of equipment to create new strategies.

For example, equipping Earthquake Boots to the Barbarian King will make him a great opener, as he will be able to break surrounding walls and create a path for the rest of the army. Like the Barbarian King, other Heroes also have access to various Hero Equipment with more to come in the future.

How to Get and Use Hero Equipment

Clash of Clans Hero Equipment
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To unlock Hero Equipment, players will have to construct a newly added building called the Blacksmith. This building is unlocked after upgrading the Townhall to level 8. By constructing the Blacksmith, players will unlock Earthquake Boots for the Barbarian King.

Players can unlock more equipment for the Archer Queen and Grand Warden by upgrading the Blacksmith building to higher levels. Some Epic level equipment can only be obtained via limited-time events, like the Giant Gauntlet from the Cookie Rumble event.

To use Hero Equipment, tap on the Blacksmith building to assign equipment to Heroes. Each Hero can equip two pieces of Hero Equipment, so be sure to pick the right combo for your strategy. Upgrading Hero Equipment is also an essential part of using this new feature in Clash of Clans. Players will need to collect Ores from Daily Star Bonuses and Clan Wars to upgrade Hero Equipment at the Blacksmith.

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Clash of Clans Hero Equipment Guide: How to Get and Use Hero Equipments