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What does the Blacksmith do in Clash of Clans

What does the Blacksmith do in Clash of Clans
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For a long time, Clash of Clans players have been complaining about how higher Town Halls always receive new content, while lower Town Halls barely get any. However, every once in a while, Supercell adds new content for lower Town Halls, just like they did with the addition of the Blacksmith in the December 2023 Update.

The Blacksmith is a new army building introduced in Clash of Clans’ Town Hall 16 update. While the building was added along with the Town Hall 16 update, players can unlock it after reaching Town Hall 8. Returning Clash of Clans players might not know exactly what the Blacksmith does. In this guide, players can learn about the new Blacksmith building and how to use it.

Clash of Clans Blacksmith Guide

Clash of Clans Hero Equipment
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With the December 2023 Update, Clash of Clans introduced a new feature for Heroes called Hero Equipment. Before the update, every Hero had two abilities. For example, the Barbarian King’s ability was summoning a pack of raged Barbarians and entering a Raged state. In the new update, developers decided to split the ability into two parts now called Hero Equipment and introduce more new abilities to let players create new combos.

The Blacksmith is used to unlock and equip Hero Equipment and upgrade them using Ores. By building the Blacksmith, players will gain access to a new Hero Equipment for the Barbarian King and the ability to upgrade them using Ores, which is another new feature added alongside the Blacksmith. Upgrading the Blacksmith will unlock new Hero Equipment and increase the max upgrade level possible.

Here are the upgrade and time costs required to upgrade the Blacksmith to the max level:

Equipment UnlockedTown Hall RequiredCost (Gold)Time (days)
Earthquake Boots8750,0001
Giant Arrow91,700,0002
Rage Gem113,000,0004
Healer Puppet125,500,0005
Healing Tome138,500,0006
Nothing yet1412,000,0007
Nothing yet1514,000,0008
Nothing yet1616,000,0009

With each Blacksmith upgrade, the capacity to store Shiny Ore, Glowy Ore, and Starry Ore also increases. Players will have to collect Ores in order to upgrade Hero Equipment at the Blacksmith in Clash of Clans.

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What does the Blacksmith do in Clash of Clans