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How to Get and Use Ores in Clash of Clans

Learn about new resources called Ores in Clash of Clans.

With the December 2023 update, Supercell introduced many brand new features, such as Town Hall 16, Hero Equipment, Ores, and more. Ores are one of the new types of resources introduced in the Town Hall 16 update.

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New players or veterans returning to Clash of Clans with the release of Town Hall 16 might not be familiar with Ores. In this guide, players will learn how to use Ores in Clash of Clans and discover all the ways to obtain different types of Ores.

Clash of Clans Ores Guide

Clash of Clans is a mobile game centered around resource gathering. From the start, players are tasked with raiding goblins and other players to gain Gold and Elixir. As they progress, players gain access to additional resources like Dark Elixir, Builder Gold, and Builder Elixir. In the new Town Hall 16 update, Supercell introduced a new type of resource called Ores.

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There are three types of Ores unlocked after reaching Town Hall 8: Shiny Ore, Glowy Ore, and Starry Ore. Among these, Shiny Ore is the most common, while Starry Ore is the rarest to obtain. The best way to obtain Shiny Ores and Glowy Ores is through Star Bonuses and Clan Wars. Players can also trade their precious gems for Ores or purchase them from the Trader.

How to Use Ores in Clash of Clans

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Ores are used for upgrading Hero Equipment in Clash of Clans. After the December 2023 Update, every Hero can now equip two Hero Equipment, each granting powerful abilities. To use Ores, players first need to construct the Blacksmith building, available after reaching Town Hall 8.

After constructing the Blacksmith, players can use Ores to upgrade their Hero Equipment. Hero Equipment available for free only requires Shiny and Glowy Ores. However, Hero Equipment from events is of Epic rarity and will require Starry Ores for certain levels.

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How to Get and Use Ores in Clash of Clans