Clash of Clans Flame Flinger Guide

Clash of Clans Flame Flinger Guide

Clash of Clans is one of the most popular and successful mobile products. It is a great city-building simulator where you have to build your own castle with different defense constructions. After that, you will be able to train an army consisting of mythical creatures, heroes, and siege machines, and try to attack other players’ castles. One of the recent updates brought to us a couple of new units including Super Dragons and Flame Flingers. This guide will tell you about Flame Flingers in Clash of Clans.

Flame Flinger in Clash of Clans

Flame Flinger in Clash of Clans is a new siege unit. It looks like a giant catapult that is able to throw a few bombs per one shot. These bombs are able to leave a huge AOE area that deals continuous damage. The siege machine tends to focus on the opponent’s buildings and defense constructions. So, it is good to use Flame Flinger when you want to destroy someone’s castle.

This siege machine is able to shoot at a very long range and there are only a couple of defense buildings that are able to outclass it, like Mortar. So, you should use Flame Flinger carefully and keep it in your backline. Also, it has a limited lifetime and you should keep it in mind. It is better for your Flame Flinger to stay away from big fights and brawls. So, it will be able to avoid damage and live longer.

Flame Flinger in Clash of Clans will be a great addition to your army. Its ability to destroy buildings from a decent range is really useful. However, you should be careful with this siege machine as it is slow and clumsy. These two facts make it an easy target for the opponent’s turrets and towers.

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Clash of Clans Flame Flinger Guide


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