Back in November we shared with you the news regarding the latest game from Supercell, the creators of the popular Clash of Clans. Titled Boom Beach, the game is already released in the testing phase on the Canadian store, but the rest of the world will get it really soon too. March-soon.

It’s going to be very interesting to see how will the new game be received by the audience. Even though the core mechanics of base building, fortifying your base, upgrading it and attacking remain similar to Clash of Clans, Boom Beach comes with some new mechanics. One of the strangest choices for the developers is that they decided to remove the clan or alliance option for good, which I personally consider a bad choice.

Also, the combat mechanic is said to be slightly different compared to Clash of Clans, but we’ll have to wait and see when the game launches. And that will happen soon-ish, as Supercell announced that Boom Beach will become available for download, for free, sometime in March.

What would you say about this game? With Clash of Clans already there and so many other good options to play, do you think that there’s still place in the App Store for Boom Beach?


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