I’ve been playing CivCrafter like crazy for the past few days and even though I am stuck now waiting for my research to complete and unlock Dragons (because I built such a large city that I am now facing the dreaded creatures and lose all my troops), I still believe that there are a few things we could and should talk about. And since I didn’t want to create a small article for each of these things, I decided to cram them up all in one article and hopefully help those who want to know more about the game.

In other words, in today’s article we’re going to talk about three important elements in CivCrafter: the Wonder, what are Cats for and how powerful are Dragons, actually (and if they’re worth buying). So let’s start with the…

CivCrafter Wonder

If you started working on your Wonder, you probably know that progress is insanely low on this one. You also need a ton of resources and man power – so is it really worth it? The short answer is yes. Once you build a wonder, you will get a permanent boost to the production of a resource. One.

So how is this worthwhile? Well, after building a Wonder, you can start Prestiging. This basically means that you reset your game and start over, but you will keep the following: all built Wonders, Gold, Trophies, Skulls, Stats and, of course, your name. This might not sound right, but the truth is that you get to start over with a huge bonus to production and you will advance a lot faster. Plus, you can get a new wonder and improve your nation even more. So trust me, it’s worth it!

CivCrafter Cats

Everybody is wondering what the Cats role is in the game and so far nobody knows. The developers themselves say that it’s the biggest kept secret of the game, which might mean that they either offer a sort of a rating to players for matchmaking mechanics, they offer some bonuses that we don’t know of or that you will unlock their real use sometime during a play. Another possible thing might be that they’re just a feature that’s about to be implemented in an upcoming update. So nothing’s really sure on this one – if you have any information, don’t hesitate to let us know!

CivCrafter Dragons

The Dragons in this game are insanely expensive so you might be wondering – are they really worth it? The short answer is YES. They are insanely powerful creatures and they take out a lot of troops when they go into battle. They are amazing in battle and if you are patient enough (or spend real money), you can get them while you are still a relatively low-sized civilization and simply wreak havoc among the other nations with 1 dragon and just a handful of other soldiers. This will earn you a ton of skulls and this is the way to go if you really want to win the big rewards in the game. Oh, and tell this to your clan mates too – the more in your alliance who are taking advantage of this, the better.

So these would be some interesting facts about the lesser known aspects of this wonderful game. If you have anything to add, don’t hesitate to let us know by commenting below!

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  1. Just how do you even get the upgrade for dragons? I have everything upgraded so far and no option to make caves? Do you have to be a certain level? I am level 16 right now since I never tap like crazy but with so much ressources I dont know where to spend it lol 20 million piety and a population of 100k + ….?

    Basicly do you have t do something to trigger the unlock?

    • You will unlock it after u done your 35th upgrades, and u will see cave at 36th upgrades. Cave are the last upgrades, no further upgrades after that.

      xOwnz -IGN

      • Thanks you kindly good sir! I was beginning to wonder if I would ever get them dragons lol so basicly I now have to wait days for my current farming upgrade and guilds to finish… Just to get more waiting until finally I get the caves lol I do not use gold so let the waiting begin…. Another Clash of Clan time trap lol

        • Actually I just checked and it looks like those upgrade I am doing will brng me to 34 , so cave is next! Hurray! Lol I have no problem defeating dragons but it will be nice to have them by my side.

  2. I don’t understand what the point is in starting again after building wonder what good is that? Will you lose your army and your population because I’ve spent a lot on getting my army of 3,000 soldiers, 2,000 archers and 1,000 Knights! Please someone assure me with proof that it is good.

  3. One thing that sucks about this game is that you don’t get asked if you want to leave your clan, you just tap the button and it’s done. So I made the clan PapaPoon and I was kicking low level people to make room, and then I accidentally tapped the leave button. Now I’m out of the clan I made and its full.

  4. lol i got like more than 1400 soldiers, cuts I’ve only been playing for about one day but I’ve only got soldiers though. TOO MANY SOLDIERS IM GOING THROUGH RAID IN LEST THAN 3 SECONDS. literally. Im waiting for my range upgrade thing to finish.
    and i just realized that to make wonder, it also takes piety, so i lost all of my 40000 piety i had saved and and my wonder is only like 1/10000 done.

  5. Well this does it for me, finally see the caves upgrade… I get excited.. Click on it… 5 days to complete?????? Wtf seriously??? From acceptable 1 day upgrades to 5??? I know its the last possible upgrade for now but come on!!

    I am opposed to apps like this, 5 days orbuy 10$ worth of gold.. Lol gimme a break!
    I can do nothing right now except expand and do raids for 2-4 skulls each… Against freaking dragons. Now I have no problem killng them with my massive army but I want them too!!

    Anyways after getting them the game will become boring I bet. Building wonders just doesn’t make sence to me, who wants to restart? Only to get ressources faster? Lol I am always maxed out in food/wood/stones so unless you can decide which you want to go faster such as Piety then ok that can be worth it.

    Guess I will play something else for 5 days. Then we’ll see.

  6. How many Labourers would you recommend for my Wonder? I have 250 and after a day I’m on 0.123%. WTF it takes too long. I can’t get enough Ore either I’m always on 0! Raids get me like 7,000 which is gone at a click of my finger please tell me what to do. Will more lLbourers help?

    • I have 500 labourers at a time – but I have all the upgrades and 25000 loggers and miners, 900 tanners and blacksmiths, and 10000 clerics. Its enough to keep all the resources balancing out!

  7. Dont worry about wonders for a very long time. Wait until you have dragons and around 100k people if not more. After you have expanded into a very large civ building the wonder will be easier

  8. I’ve just finished my first wonder (with 1 million population) and chose to upgrade piety. Can’t ser any extraordinary change, but haven’t really measured it either.

  9. If you battle the next higher type of Civ you won’t wipe them out as easily and it will be more of a challenge. I am battling at County and encountering dragons now. I don’t have them, or even knights, lol, but if I have at least 5k soldiers I can defend and win even against 5-7 dragons. I have been playing for 2 days. I am building a wonder now, but I am only using 50 workers because I originally dedicated 1000 to it and lost all my piety. I then had to build 1k temples and get more clerics, etc. and keep doing that until I earned it all back. The corpses piled up to over 5k but I had over a thousand healers so I kept my people alive other than losing soldiers to 3 unsuccessful raids. I learned quickly to boost my army enough to fight the dragons.

  10. Question about prestige… Do you keep your upgrades? You know, the one’s that take days to complete ._.
    I am 1 day away from unlocking my dragons and I am wondering if I should focus right away on building my wonder?

    Also does anyone know by how much a wonder increase production? Does it double the current rate? I have a 300000 population right now and I’d say 70% are farmers even with the best upgrade for food lol just to keep my food in the possitive gain. So I am hoping putting a wonder for food would reduce the numbers of farmers I need to keep my town alive.

  11. The 5-Day upgrade for Caves has finally completed… I was so excited about getting my first dragon… I click +1 on the dragon… It takes two hours isn’t 5-Days enough already?

  12. I also think that the cats are just to keep the people happy because thats really the main reason why people have pets. Although it may be some other big reason that we wont know until the next few updates.

  13. This game is so much fun, I have 5 dragons but the wonder takes SO LONG but I think in all good time it will come, keep it up with all the awesome updates naquatic

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  15. Hello everyone I have been playing this game for a while I have prestiged about 4 times… Each time you prestige you get a 10% bonus on one resource you choose until it gets to all of them which is 9. You then get a bonus but I do not know what it is yet I will hopefully find out. I will check on this website soon and also sorry for no capital letters and capital I as my caps lock button doesn’t work.

  16. If u have ever wondered what the cats are for? I have figured the answer….its rating how lonely u r according to Mr like the crazy Cat lady wid lot of cats…….if u have a lot of cats it shows how much time u have spent tapping in game……I found this out cuz of my nicece lol

  17. I tried tapping everywhere and found out that you get cats only when tapping the -x +x buttons and not when tapping resources or tower.
    Based on my experience, I can tell it is not a given number of taps but I guess a given chance of getting a cat when you tap. I noticed it took me between 50-80 taps to get one, which would be a 1.5% chance per tap if we consider an average of 65 taps per cat.

    As for wonders, I don’t really see any advantage of building it and reset your game…
    When you are far enough in the game, you will notice that the hardest thing to get is not resources but population. You basically have a lot of room for population but will never be able to max it out as producing people is way too long. When you finally get a decent population that allows you to have a really big army, it would be a huge loss to reset it and start it all over again.

    On the other hand. I’m guessing there is no more content to play with when you are that far in the game. So building the wonder would be the only thing remaining to do. I guess the whole point of the game would be to reach the 9 wonders and see what is the final bonus. After that, it’s done, there is no more point in playing except being the best of the bests.

    • It’s because getting extremely far in the game with a slight resource bonus is easier than just continuing on your first empire. When you get to the point where you can build a wonder it is far but it is very small of an empire compared to the ones you could make with a resource boost, it may seem like a small boost being at only 20% but it can have a massive effect when you get it on multiple resources .

  18. Why is it that I have +40/s food and my skins are growing as well as my leather with 3 people assigned to leather, but I have +240/s stone and my ore is constantly at 0 with only one person assigned to metal??? This balance doesn’t make sense.

    • It’s because people eat food and so even if you have more farmers than miners the amount they make can be lower but this doesn’t effect skins, so even if you don’t get as much food as stone that just means your population is eating most of your food.

  19. My husband has noticed a (possibly coincidental) link between finding cats and some sort of calamity befalling his kingdom. Find a cat? Half your population gets sick. Oh, look, another cat! Half your army wiped out by wolves.


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