Characters Combos and Moves for Shani in Free Fire


Free Fire is a very fun third-person shooter, where many players must fight for survival on various maps. The game has 30 different characters with unique skills. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right team to win matches. And in this guide, we will tell you how to play Shani.

Characters Combos and Moves for Shani

Shani lost her parents at 18 and struggled to find a new home after that. She became a self-taught engineer and worked in a junkyard for a living. That is why her ability is called Gear Recycle. When Shani kills an enemy, she restores 10% – 30% of the Armor’s durability depending on the ability’s level. Also, by gaining excess durability, the Armor will be able to upgrade up to level 3.

Shani is perfect for players with an aggressive fighting style, because by killing enemies, you will be able to increase your defensive stats and survive most battles. Here is one of the best character combinations for Shani:

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  • Hayato – His ability allows him to strengthen his Armor when his Health gets lower. Together with Shani, they will have an almost impenetrable Armor that constantly regenerates.
  • Alok – His ability increases the Health and Movement Speed of allies in a certain area.
  • Andrew – His ability can increase the delicacy of Vest.

You can experiment to find the right combination for your playing style. For example, a combination of Jai, Ford, Wukong, and Shani will suit cautious players who do not engage in open combat.

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Characters Combos and Moves for Shani in Free Fire


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