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Like other online multiplayer games, Call of Duty: Mobile has different servers installed for each region. However, the game doesn’t provide an option to change the server/region, due to which the region is locked for every COD Mobile player.

When the player signup for a new account, the game automatically allots the closest server by default. With that in mind, a few players are always searching for a way to change the server in Call of Duty: Mobile.

Is it possible to change server in COD Mobile?

As per the official COD Mobile forum, you can’t change the server in Call of Duty: Mobile. However, if one tries to use any VPN service to play in a different region, his account will be banned permanently.

Image via Activision

In one of the recent developments, Activision introduced a new anti-cheat system, in which it’s clearly stated that the Usage of VPN is strictly prohibited.

Image via Activision

If anyone is found tweaking the location settings while playing COD Mobile, a permanent ban will be imposed on the account. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to play COD Mobile on the default server.

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