For everybody wondering which are all the cats available in the game and how to properly be a good cat parent, we have the most amazing Cats Are Cute list of cats and their buildings, so you will know exactly what each of the available kittens holds for you!

These cats are all obtainable through the Draw Cat option, so you will only need to keep collecting those Fish and Catgrass and continuously keep on improving your level in order to collect all of them. There are a total of 42 cats, so you are going to need at least level 42 to be able to hoard all of them (like a real cat mom/dad).


For a few tips on how to improve your level and other cool stuff about the game, check out the Cats Are Cute guide we have made, but in the meantime let’s reveal to you all of the adorable kittens! Also, stay tuned until the end for some extra adorable fluffs and friends!


Building: Tiny’s
Rarity: Normal


Building: Next Door
Rarity: Normal


Building: Fruit Shop
Rarity: Normal


Building: Meow Flower
Rarity: Normal


Building: Playground
Rarity: Normal


Building: Meow Depot
Rarity: Normal


Building: Post Office
Rarity: Normal


Building: Fish Shop
Rarity: Normal


Building: Pharmacy
Rarity: Normal


Building: Meow Pub
Rarity: Normal


Building: Fire Station
Rarity: Rare


Building: Veggie Crazy
Rarity: Rare


Building: Kitty Mart
Rarity: Rare


Building: Tree Park
Rarity: Normal


Building: Purr Donuts
Rarity: Rare


Building: Police Office
Rarity: Rare


Building: Nono Chicken
Rarity: Rare


Building: Hot Lunch
Rarity: Rare


Building: Knead Clinic
Rarity: Rare


Building: Town Hall
Rarity: Rare


Building: Meowson 25
Rarity: Normal


Building: Nyaundry (that’s cat for Laundry for those of you non-familiar with the language)
Rarity: Epic


Building: McMeow’s
Rarity: Epic


Building: Meowever 21
Rarity: Epic


Building: Meowbrary
Rarity: Epic


Building: Hello Mart
Rarity: Epic


Building: Exercise Park
Rarity: Rare


Building: Dice Pizza
Rarity: Epic


Building: Kitty Express
Rarity: Epic


Building: Fountain
Rarity: Epic


Building: Hilltop Hotel
Rarity: Epic


Building: Hair Salon
Rarity: Epic


Building: Sugar Bakery
Rarity: Normal


Building: Singleplex
Rarity: Epic


Building: Warehouse
Rarity: Epic


Building: Cafe Purr
Rarity: Rare


Building: Candy Pop
Rarity: Epic


Building: Soccer Field
Rarity: Epic


Building: Comfy Condo
Rarity: Normal


Building: Hot Spring
Rarity: Epic


Building: Fishing Spot
Rarity: Epic


Building: Restaurant
Rarity: Normal

Currently these are all the cats available in Cats Are Cute, but there are a few other furry (or feathery) friends that can join your cat exclusive town! Do you like cute raccoons? Adorable little corgis? Well these are just a few of the other critters that can join you!

They don’t have a specific place that unlocks when you get them, like the cats do, but they they hang around the zones where you find them! So don’t worry about that lake being empty because cats don’t go swimming, because there will soon be another critter joining you!

Thanks to your help and contribution and a little bit more digging from our side, we have managed to figure out how to unlock a few more furry friends!


– Tap on the trees 200 times or more.

Peli the pelican

– Tap on the lake 200 times or more.

Cuckoo the chicken

– Have 3 or more relaxation facilities in the village

Corgi puppy

– Place Fatty’s house (Next Door building) on the left side of Tiny’s house


– Have 3 or more restaurants in the village

Yellow hairy chick

– Level up to level 50

At the moment, these are all the available friends in the game! Let’s hope it will soon have an update and introduce new and exciting friends to help our kitten town grow big and prosper!

Don’t forget to check out our Cats Are Cute tips and tricks to learn a few other cool things about the game, and as always, have a meowtiful day and have fun decorating your cat village!




  1. Adjacent means next to, so it does need to be next to tiny not across the street. My next door was on the right of tiny, and I got the corgi. However it didn’t unlock until I’d levelled both tiny and fatty (next door) cats to level 5

  2. I am at level 95 and I have unlocked all cats (subtext: I have no life, I agree!). What’s next? All my buildings are at highest reachable level 60 and the cats are getting there. What’s next? And is there any point decorating building and up-ing my cats’ skill level?

    • Wow how long did it take u to unlock all cats, I’m quite stuck when I have 9 epic cats left, like kept repeating for 6-7 times in premium draw

      • @Tofu – You have to accumulate enough grass and keep trying with epic level. I’d just keep moving time ahead on my phone and do epic draw back to back. I’d do like 5 draws in a span of an hour and that got me a lot of new cats

  3. I had all my cats very early by luck I think and did all their skills and the houses all their decorative LVL 4 but you don’t get new characters. I’m sad because it says find 50 cats in the trophy section and I thought by LVL up all cats to 60 you might get new options but no mating or new cats appear.

    • Here’s exactly what I did, Susan:
      1. Moved the building I had originally placed next to Tiny’s left somewhere else.
      2. Moved Fatty’s house to the immediate left of Tiny’s house. (Has to be next door neighbors)
      3. Tapped Fatty’s house once.
      Got the Puppy.

    • Mine are in a row, so that may be… But try tapping on the restaurants themselves. I was looking for the bird and got irritated and touched the chicken on the chicken shack sign. Like “this is the only darn bird I see!” Presto…found the sparrow! Lol

  4. Hey, another friend is panda. You get him when Front House is in front of Tiny’s House. Mine was on the left, not actually in front and still worked.

  5. There are a new pet animal, Panda
    If front house is in front of Tiny’s house (but what is the front house?)

      • You will need 360.000 to build the Meow Bank. This is a special building that grows some 5 cat grass per day. You will also be able to grab the fishes from the two adjacent houses if you grab them, ie. max of 3 houses with gish can be collected with one tap. With more fish 3.6 million (!) you can get 12 places and with even more fish in the bank you can have 20, 28 or 36 places collected at once.

  6. I need help! I can’t figure out how to breed cats successfully. I have two cats ready to breed, and they are both different genders, but I am very unsuccessful. Any tips?

    • I recommend you level all cats to 30 with skill 2 and then you can mate them, otherwise it might not be able to find the mate. Max, for example, is single so you can mate him whenever, but say Sam and Sunday, they mate, and you need to level both to 30 and skill 2, then tell either one to mate (not both).

  7. There are at least the following friends:

    Puppy: Tiny‘s house next to Fatty‘s house (called Next door)
    Chirpy: 3 restaurants
    Cuckoo: 3 relaxation facilities (eg. Tree Park, Small Campsite, Playground, … ?)
    Racoon: tap 200 times on a tree
    Peli: tap 200 times on the lake
    Panda: Front house (Choco) in front of Tiny‘s house
    Piggy: 3 resting facilities (eg. Purr Donuts, Cafe Purr, Meow Robbins, Sugar Bakery, … ?)

    There are the following types:
    Educational: Piano School (Doremi), Meow School (Mimi), Nano Labs (Nano)
    Support Center: Meow Bank (Peekaboo)
    Housing: Next Door (Fatty), Tiny‘s House (Tiny), Comfy Condo (Milo), Front House (Choco), Fortune‘s House (Fortune)
    Tourism: Hot Spring (Catsby)
    Cultural: Singleplex (Poppy), Art Gallery (Laura)
    Exercise: Exercise Park (Tiger)
    Medical: Knead Clinic (Jasper), Pharmacy (Sunny)
    Restaurant: Meow Pub (Barley), McMeow‘s (Fries), Dice Pizza (Cheese), Nono Chicken (Sniffy), Kitty Express (Dumpling), Hot Lunch (Muffin), Restaurant (Pepper), Turkish Kebap (Walnut), Seoul BBQ (Happy), Tokyo Sushi (Inari), Hanoi Pho (Banhmi)
    Public: Police Office (Tofu), Town Hall (Toby), Post Office (Patch), Fire Station (Felix)
    Sales: Veggie Crazy (Carrot), Fish Shop (Max), Fruit Shop (Mango), Kitty Books (Willy), Kitty Mart (Milky), Meow Depot (Gizmo)
    Relaxation: Playground (Oscar), Small Campsite (Nuri), Tree Park (Sam)
    Resting: Sugar Bakery (Sugar), Meow Robbins (Honey), Cafe Purr (Latte), Purr Donuts (Dunkin)
    Farm: Field Farm (Jamie),
    Convenience: Meowson 25 (Peanut), Meow Flower (Daisy)


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