Being super excited about sharing these new Cats Are Cute tips and tricks with you guys, we will go through everything you need to know in order to collect all of the cats and care for them, as well as everything you need to know in order to level up quickly!

The game is a fun adventure for every animal lover, especially so for the cat lovers. Since I am among them, you’ll know for sure that we have tested everything in order to give you all the best tips.

So, without further ado, let’s get into the Cats Are Cute tips and cheats!

Tap, tap, tap!

The game is pretty much a tap fiesta. In order to level up you will need to tap thousands of time. If your device allows, it I suggest using multiple fingers at once because you’ll get a cramp if you only use one.

Each time you level up you will be able to have another cat. And another. And that’s how it all begins. But becoming a virtual “crazy cat lady” is recommended in this game, because the more cats you have, the better the rewards and easier you will level up. 

My suggestion here is to level up as quickly as you can, because the rewards you get will get increasingly better. But don’t neglect the cats either! Whenever you complete their quests they will reward you with hearts, which add up to the amount needed for the next level. (which you obtain by tapping)

Get the Playtime Bonus

By simply staying in the game you can earn some cool rewards. They are given to you instantly by staying in-game, so don’t worry about doing too much, just keep the game open!

The rewards are the following:

300x Fish – Obtained for staying in game 5 minutes.

50x Hearts – Obtained for staying in game for 15 minutes.

5x Toys – Obtained for staying in game for 40 minutes.

50x Catgrass – Obtained for staying in game for 60 minutes.

These rewards will come in handy more than you think, especially the Toys. We will give more details about these below, but in the meantime know that you should collect as many of them as you can!

Discover more cats!

The higher level you have, the more cats you can have! But to have that, you need to discover them. To do that, you can do several things. I will share with you all the possible ways you can get cats, but also my favorite ones!

– Normal Draw: Here you can draw any Normal or Rare cat, depending on your luck. The cost of a normal draw is 6000 fish.

– Premium Draw: In the premium draw you can pick any cat rarity (Normal, Rare or Epic). The cost of such a draw is 600 catgrass.

– Event Draw: In the event draw you can pick any cat, just like in the premium draw, but it costs double the price and there is a special cat every day that has 3x increased rate. This is especially good for when you want to complete the catalaogue.

These are the only ways you can discover cats in the game for now (or at least until they introduce mating), but there will be plenty of opportunities for you every day to make several draws. And also, the rates are pretty good!

My favorite ones for now are the Normal and Premium draws, since they are the most profitable ones for now (or until I have almost all of the cats). If you are missing 1-2 cats it’s best if you just save all of the catgrass for when those two that you are missing are on the Event Draw, and try your luck then!

Level up buildings

Since every cat comes with its building, you can upgrade those. Each building upgrade will require fish, but will also increase the amount of fish it produces. Also, don’t forget that you can decorate them. Each building can be upgraded with decorations 4 times, but they cost quite a lot of toys, so make sure you always collect them.

I suggest checking what each building gives, and based on that start upgrading them. If you like a particular cat, you can also focus on that cat’s building! It is entirely your choice how you structure your game, because you can’t go wrong with upgrades.

Level up the cats!

Just like every building can be upgraded, so can the cats! When you level them up, you get more hearts (equivalent of taps) when caring for them. This is especially good if you don’t really want to tap a lot and rather just look out for the cats.

Leveling them up costs fish, increasingly more with each level, but it is worth it. Also, the cats have skills! Who knew? 

They start off at skill level 1, which is basically what you get when you obtain that cat. Then, by collecting toys, you can level them up and they will have more stuff to do. For example, Felix’s level 1 is to wear a fireman hat. His level 2 is “rest”. So…. cat stuff. But it’s good to skill them up when you can.

I suggest upgrading their level before upgrading their skill level, because they will give more hearts.

Watch ads for free stuff! 

By watching ads you can earn free catgrass and fish. It’s good because if you’re short of a couple of fish or catgrass, they will be super useful! Also, watching ads will count towards the daily quest completion, so it’s good!

Complete the cat collection

The cat collection is a tab where you will have to collect cats that fit in the same category. Every time you complete a collection, you can claim its corresponding rewards (one time only).

The collections are as follows:

Best Furriends: Tiny, Fatty

Busy Life, Take a Break: Daisy, Latte, Rusty

Master of Business: Max, Mango, Carrot

Ministry of Meow: Patch, Tofu, Felix, Toby

Best Cure is Here: Sunny, Jasper

Friday, Friday, Friday!: Poppy, Harry

Let’s Lunch Out: Sugar, Pepper, Muffin, Dumpling

Cats’ Night Snack: Sniffy, Fries, Cheese

Payday Too Far: Milky, Coco, Boots

Still Young: Barley, Catsby

Each cat from the collection follows the same pattern, so for example in the Ministry of Meow collection, Patch is in charge of the Post Office, Tofu has the Police Station, Felix is a Fire Station cat and Toby runs the Town Hall. 

Complete the cat quests!

The cats will offer you cute little “quests” in exchange for hearts (taps). The quests are as follows:

Talk: talk to the cat

Hide and Seek: the cat will hide somewhere in the woods (only behind/in top of trees), you can easily spot a tail or some cat ears.

Feed: you put some food for the cat

Watch: simply watch the cat without tapping the screen

These skills are universal for all the cats, and the higher the cat’s level, the more hearts it will give. That’s why I suggested above to level up the cat level, because if you don’t plan on tapping for tens of thousands of times and potentially putting a hole through your phone screen, it’s easier to just do the quests.

These are all the Cats Are Cute tips and tricks we have for you guys right now! If you know some more cool stuff let us know down in the comments, because we would love to learn everything there is to know about this game with its cute little furry beings!

Update: With all of your help and a little more digging and playing, we’ve discovered all the Friends (those cute little fluffy non-cat creatures) you can obtain in the game! Check that, along with other cool stuff in our new Cats Are Cute List of Cats & Friends and How to Unlock Them!


  1. To discover a raccoon friend, you tap on the trees 200 times or more. To discover Peli, a Pelican friend, you tap on the lake 200 times or more. Bonus: if Tiny’s home is adjacent to Fatty’s home, you can discover a Corgi puppy!
    – mouse, cat, and dog enthusiast, Suu N.C Shein

  2. To add on, you can also get chirpy, another friend if you have 3 or more restaurants in the village
    To get more grass it’s also fairly efficient to use toys to decorate houses.

  3. Hi when upgrading cats and buildings you can do it x5 and X10 levels as well as just single levels. Not very useful early on but at higher levels I used x5 when I wanted to level up new cats and their homes to the same level as cats I already had. It’s still the same cost etc so it’s purely for convenience really. Just touch the x1 circle next to the price if you want change to x5 or X10. Also tapping the screen anywhere gives you a heart so if you’re like me and eager to level up so you can have more cats you can tappity tap away. Plus as an extra little bonus you’ll get a grass reward for 200 taps too.

  4. I’ve been playing this game 2 days straight! So damn cute! One thing is still not clear though, what exactly are the benefits of decorations and cat skills? They’re like the most expensive upgrades (you need toys which are hard to gather) but I don’t really see their use (apart from having slightly nicer houses and more skilled cats). Do they give evem more fish/hearts when they’re decorated/skilled?

    • Décorations are just décorations, nothing but the lavish view on the outside. The cats skills on the other hand, helps you get more hearts when you interact with your cats,hence you’ll level up faster.

  5. I found out how to make sure you get the skills! You just need to use more than one finger! To reach 100%, for normal cats, tap fast with 3 fingers; for rare, 4 fingers; and for epic, 5 fingers. I always get 100%! Hope this helps!

  6. What happens after all cats and buildings are unlocked? I know I can up their level, decorate or add skills. But what’s there to chase now?

  7. Why do some of my cats have a little black squigy symbol above their heads? It looks like they’re annoyed? I moved one to a different location and then it appears. On another he has had it since I placed him? Do some of them not like certain positions?

    • Kaylin samething happened to mine, a new cat and i don’t know if it’s normal. I tried changing him with his “friend” ;no change. Anyone know how to get rid off the black cloud?

    • I’m pretty sure that your cat’s “skill” is set to chasing butterflies and that squiggle is just a really poorly drawn butterfly.

  8. Soooo, what now? I’ve reached 42 cats & Level 20 and all my buildings are complete and all but one epic cat is at top skill level (I cannot get that last skill). Anyway, does anyone know what’s next? Thanks!


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