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Cat Simulator 2020: All Cats in the Game & How to Get Them

Cat Simulator 2020: All Cats in the Game & How to Get Them

Today we are going to check out all of the Cat Simulator 2020 cats that you can find in the game, and tell you exactly what you need in order to acquire each one of them.

If you want to learn more about the game, you can take a look at our Cat Simulator 2020 tips and tricks because there we are telling you every little thing that we know about the game and how to level up, and be a better house cat!

So without further ado, let’s check out all the cats in Cat Simulator 2020, tell you each cat’s strengths and also how to get them!

Farmer’s Simple Cat

This cat is the beginner one – an orange tabby that has no special characteristics or extra stats. It’s easy to play your very first game (or even first few games) because with this cat you can learn exactly how to deal with every situation in the game and learn how to hunt, handle the quests and much more.

Siamese Cat

This cat is a beautiful one, originating from ancient Siam. They are sensitive, and if they do not like something, they can be dangerous as they are born hunters according to the game.

Extra stats:

– +3 extra Coins for completing a quest

– If your health is below 80%, your attack power increases by 10%.

How to obtain:

You can buy the cat for 150 Coins.

Bombay Cat

The Bombays are similar to Panthers – they have a great appetite, especially during the dark nights when they are stealthy and hunting for pray. They exceed at stealth attacks and make them deadly hunters depending on the situation.

Extra stats:

– +15% attack power from stealth mode

– +25% movement speed in stealth mode

How to obtain:

You need to be level 7 to unlock the cat.

Russian Blue Cat

They have Emerald color eyes, a blue-gray fur and a truly beautiful stature. The cat is a playful, gentle and loyal cat, always looking to help and socialize. Because of this trait, you will get increased benefits for helping the Farmer, Goat and Piggy.

Extra stats:

– +25% health points (HP)

– +175% experience for helping Farmer, Goat or Piggy

How to obtain:

You need to be level 15 to unlock the Russian Blue.

Burmilla Cat

Cats of this breed are dignified Englishmen, graceful and aristocratic. They despise loneliness and always are at their best when surrounded by family. That makes this cat a great breed if you are looking to develop a big kitten family.

Extra stats:

– +7% health for every family member

– Farmer, Piggy and Goat give 3 times more coins

How to obtain:

You need to reach level 20 to unlock this cat.

Abyssinian Cat

They are amazingly beautiful (if you haven’t seen one, then Google it immediately) – they appearance resembling wild Cougars. Due to their nature, they are sometimes calm, other times aggressive. No matter what, they are extremely smart and curious, and also extremely fast.

Extra stats:

– -40% to hunger and thirst onset rate

– +15% movement speed

How to obtain:

You need to reach level 30 to unlock this breed.

Egyptian Mau Cat

They are well-known for being the “representative” cat in Catwoman movie, and they make for some really beautiful cats. They are extremely fast, one of the fastest cat breeds, who not only exceed on land, but also like water and are extremely clean!

Extra stats:

– +30% movement speed

– Jump height and drink speed increased

How to obtain:

You can unlock this cat at level 40.

Bengal Cat

A cat with a massive and muscular body, clearly more so than an average cat’s. The Bengal is a forest cat which has the temper of home training. It is extremely strong and fast, and if you want the closest feline you can adopt (legally) to a tiger, then the Bengal is the one for you.

Extra stats:

– +25% attack power

– +15% movement speed

How to obtain:

You can unlock the Bengal cat at level 55.

Pixie-bob Cat

This cat is a very interesting one, as it is born with a small tail, unlike many other cats. It’s an innate predator pretty much, which exceeds at finishing its meals in a matter of seconds and destroying its prey with a single shot.

Extra stats:

– +100% eating speed

– If enemy health falls below 35% you will oneshot him.

How to obtain:

You can unlock this cat at level 70.

Alien Cat

This is the ultimate robo-cat. It instills fear in enemies and has greatly increased stats, which cannot even be compared to those of the other earthly cats.

Extra stats:

– +75% health and +25% attack power

– All enemies, except bosses, run in fear from you

How to obtain:

In order to unlock the Alien Cat you need to reach level 90. (it will be quite the grind)

These would be all the cat breeds in Cat Simulator 2020. In time, with plenty of patience and by completing a lot of tasks, you will save up enough Coins to unlock all of the cats! Which ones are your favorites? Let us know by leaving a comment down below!

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Cat Simulator 2020: All Cats in the Game & How to Get Them


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