Castle Fusion Codes 2020
Image Credit: Shark Jump

Castle Fusion is a free to play, casual mobile game from Shark Jump where players have to defend against waves of orcs and goblins. It is somewhat similar to Orcs Must Die, but a mobile version where most of the defense mob is replace by weapons.

Alike, many other mobile games, Castle Fusion offers a code redemption feature, where players can enter free game codes to redeem resources and in-game currencies. The code redemption feature makes the game more free-to-play friendly, on the same front it gives the developers, or others to engage with the Castle Fusion community with promotional codes.

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List of Castle Fusion Codes

  1. 2SPOOKY4ME: Unlock 1000 souls for tavern upon passing prestige level one.
  2. FREESODA: Unlocks 10 gems
  3. GOBLIN: Unlocks 10 gems
  4. COINAGE: Unlocks 40 gems
  5. NO FOG: Unlocks 15 diamonds
  6. BIGDADDY: Unlocks 10 diamonds

How to Redeem Codes in Castle Fusion

Redeeming a free code in Castle Fusion is an easy task for old players. Though when it comes to newcomers, it can become daunting. So, for new players ease here is the steps that you need to perform in order to redeem a code.

  • Open Castle Fusion.
  • Go to the Events tab.
  • Access the option saying, “Do you know the secret code“.
  • In the new window enter the above codes and redeem your free rewards.

Castle Fusion is currently available on Android and iOS devices.

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