Can you turn a Witch back into Villager in Minecraft? – Answered

Villager turned into witch

Upon entering the nearly endless worlds in Minecraft, players will discover various creatures. There are over 50 unique mobs available in the game. Villagers are arguably the most fascinating mob in Minecraft out of all the mobs.

Villagers have existed ever since the official launch of Minecraft. Players can give jobs to villagers using workstations and trade with them to get loads of valuable items like emeralds, enchanted books, diamond gear, etc.

Using villagers, many players build trading halls, iron farms, and food farms. Unfortunately, these friendly mobs are fragile creatures who can turn into zombies or witches under mysterious circumstances. Since zombie villagers are treatable, players may wonder if converted witches can be turned back into villagers.

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Can you cure a Witch in Minecraft?

Any villager struck by lightning becomes a witch in Minecraft. This may happen to villagers openly roaming in thunderstorms or working in food/iron farms. Sadly, a witch cannot be turned back into a villager.

Minecraft allows the player the cure a zombie villager. However, a villager that has turned into a witch is irreparable. To prevent witch conversion, players are advised to build a roof above villagers to protect them from thunder strikes.

If a villager has already turned into a witch, players do not need to worry about other nearby villagers. Witches are passive towards villagers in Minecraft. Villagers converting into witches can cause specific farms to break. Players are highly recommended to cover their villager-based farms with a roof.

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Can you turn a Witch back into Villager in Minecraft? – Answered


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