Can you Trade in Cookie Run Kingdom?

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Cookie Run: Kingdom offers a few different ways to increase your Kingdom and gain rare resources. As you continue leveling up and expanding your Kingdom, you will need extra rare materials that you may not be able to get easily. This can be achieved through trading items and resources for rewards at The Tree of Wishes, Jelly Bear Station, and the Trade Port. Find out more about how to trade below.

Trading in Cookie Run: Kingdom

As you level up your castle, you will unlock the ability to use the following methods, so keep playing and you will soon have access to all the methods of trading. The first method you will unlock as you play and pass levels is The Tree Of Wishes, then the Jelly Bear Station, and then lastly the Trade Harbour.

The Tree of Wishes

tree of wishes cookie run kingdom
Tree of Wishes (Cookie Run Kingdom)

Cookies in your Kingdom will send letters to the Tree of Wishes asking for various resources they desire. When you send the items they ask for, you receive coins and XP in return. The more valuable the resource, the more coins and XP you receive.

You don’t have to grant the wish if you don’t have or don’t want to spare the materials. You also have the ability to refresh the wish and get another in its place. After granting 10/15/20 wishes, you gain a bonus reward. Gain all of the rare rewards available by granting 45 Wishes.

Jelly Bear Station

jelly bear train cookie run kingdom
Jelly Bear Station (Cookie Run Kingdom)

Once your castle is upgraded to level 4, you get access to the Jelly Bear Station and one train. After hitting levels 6 and 8, you gain extra trains. Unlike the Tree of Wishes, you can’t refresh the items requested in the train carriages.

Once you have filled the carriages, the train leaves and then returns a long while later. The rewards are higher when you use the Jelly Bear Station—you could gain crystals, coins, XP, topping pieces, tickets, and rare materials.

Trade Port

How to Unlock the Seaside Market in Cookie Run: Kingdom
Trading Port (Cookie Run Kingdom)

When your castle is at level 6 or above, you get to access the Trading Harbour quests. The quests allow you to construct the Trade Port. Here, you can trade in any excess materials and items you have.

Once your castle is leveled up to level 8, your port can be transformed into Touc’s Trade Harbour. The port is then renamed ‘Seaside Market,’ and new additions of the Docks and the Rainbow Shell Gallery are included. The Rainbow Shell Gallery is where you can find Cookie Cutters. At the Docks, you can load up to 50 items into a boat and trade them for rewards. Two items are chosen per day to have double the normal value. When the boat returns, you will receive rewards—the more items in the boat, the more rewards you gain.

Those are all the available places you can trade in Cookie Run: Kingdom! Let us know in the comments what the best trade you have achieved is.

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Can you Trade in Cookie Run Kingdom?


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