The Wuxia theme battle royale game, Naraka Bladepoint, has become a popular game that many Steam Deck owners want to play on the go on their Steam Deck. So, before buying the game on Steam, they have this question – can you play Naraka Bladepoint on Steam Deck? 

In this article, we talk about Naraka Bladepoint’s compatibility on the Steam Deck platform. 

Can You Play Naraka Bladepoint on Steam Deck?

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No, you cannot play Naraka Bladepoint on Valve’s Steam Deck platform. When you try to play the game with normal means on the Steam Deck, you get the message, “Valve’s testing indicates that Naraka Bladepoint is unsupported on Steam Deck. Some or all of this game currently doesn’t function on Steam Deck.”

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While the Steam Deck is more than capable of running Naraka Bladepoint, the game is still not supported, maybe because of the lack of Anti-Cheat Engine support that Steam Deck fails to provide completely. 

Highly optimized games like Destiny and a few others are also not supported on Steam Deck. While players can run these games, devs don’t recommend it, and some even ban accounts if players try to play the game via Steam Deck. 

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There is a long road that Steam Deck has to cover before it can guarantee it can run every latest game. Not every Anti-Cheat Engine, third-party launcher, and other similar things are supported on the Linux-based SteamOS that Steam Deck uses.

There are some tweaks that allow players to run unsupported Steam Deck games using the Proton GE, a compatibility layer that allows Windows games to run on Linux. 

Players can even boot and install Windows on Steam Deck to play PC games. However, when it comes to direct compatibility, Steam Deck fails to run games like Naraka Bladepoint and others. 

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Naraka Bladepoint is currently available on the PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms, with the Naraka Bladepoint Mobile version currently in development. 

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Can You Play Naraka Bladepoint on Steam Deck? Answered


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