Can You Play as Dark Enchantress Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom? – Answered


Cookie Run: Kingdom, despite its colorful and cute appearance, tells the story of a once-peaceful world torn asunder due to a cataclysmic war. As players journey through the world of Cookie Run: Kingdom, they quickly realize the true villain of the story: Dark Enchantress Cookie. Today, we’ll be answering the question: can you play as Dark Enchantress Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom?

Is it Possible to Play as Dark Enchantress Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom?

Once players reach episode 8 of World Exploration, the Hall of Enlightenment, many important plot points will be revealed. The most significant plot point is the true cause of the Dark Flour War, the whole thing that set the game’s events into motion.

In the past, the Dark Enchantress Cookie bore witness to the Witches eating Cookies. To save both Cookies and Cake Monsters, she vowed to take down the Witches once and for all. Though her quest was noble, somewhere along the way Dark Enchantress Cookie forgot what was truly essential, and let chaos take over her mind.

If you manage to get through a majority of the Tower of Sweet Chaos, you will also learn of Dark Enchantress Cookie’s true identity: she is White Lily Cookie reborn. GingerBrave and his friends eventually stumble upon her prison at the end of episode 8, only to accidentally release her from her prison.

To recap, Dark Enchantress Cookie is the main antagonist of Cookie Run: Kingdom, so unfortunately, she is not a playable Cookie at the moment. Though, she does have a Legendary rarity according to the game, so once the story develops further, she may become a playable Cookie in a future update.

Dark Enchantress Cookie and her servants.

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Dark Enchantress Cookie reappears later in episode 10, becoming the main focus, with more story developments. After the episode’s epilogue, her story still remains unresolved, so she’ll be involved with later episodes. Perhaps after the main plot concludes in some way, she will become a playable Cookie.

That concludes our guide on Dark Enchantress Cookie as a playable Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom. If you have any other questions regarding her character, let us know in the comments below!

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Can You Play as Dark Enchantress Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom? – Answered


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