How to Beat 14-10 in Cookie Run: Kingdom


There are lots of different RPGs that you can play in the modern game industry and one of the most interesting ones is called Cookie Run: Kingdom. There you will have to form a squad that consists of different characters called Cookies. The game has a huge roster of missions that you can play and it seems that there are lots of players who can’t beat 14-10. So, this guide will tell you how to beat 14-10 in Cookie Run: Kingdom. Let’s get going!

How to Complete 14-10 in Cookie Run: Kingdom

There are lots of different stages that you can play in Cookie Run: Kingdom. Some of these levels have bosses. These creatures are really tough and you will have to follow a certain strategy to beat each of them.

Stage 14-10 in Cookie Run: Kingdom is quite a problematic level and it seems that some players don’t understand how to complete it. There you will encounter lots of tough opponents. However, the biggest problem is the yeti boss that you will have to fight at the end.

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The yeti boss that you have to fight in the stage 14-10 is quite tough and it has a rage bar. This thing gets filled when you fight the boss and once it is filled the yeti will become stronger. So, you should try to defeat the boss before the rage bar will be filled.

Stage 14-10 is relatively easy and the only problem is the rage bar of the yeti boss. In order to deal with this issue, we recommend you use Affogato Cookie. This character is able to inflict debuff that prevents your opponents to receive any buffs. So, if you use this ability on the yeti boss it won’t be able to enter the rage mode and you will be able to beat it easily.

There are lots of problematic levels in Cookie Run: Kingdom and hopefully this guide helped you to deal with this one. Good luck with your adventures in the world of the Cookie Run: Kingdom.

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How to Beat 14-10 in Cookie Run: Kingdom


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