Can I Skip Minigames in Duskwood? – Answered

Can I Skip Minigames in Duskwood? - Answered

Duskwood is an exciting detective game in which you know about people missing under mysterious circumstances and decide to go in search of the kidnapper. You have to solve many mysteries to learn new details of the story, as well as try not to become a victim of kidnapping yourself.

In addition to the main story, the game contains mini-games that you need to complete to progress in the story. Many people have a question about whether it is possible to somehow skip minigames, and in today’s article, we will answer this question.

Can I Skip Minigames in Duskwood? – Answered

The minigames in Duskwood are classic match 3 games. At first, the minigames don’t become a problem when going through the game’s storyline, but over time, they become more difficult and start to annoy the players. It often happens that some players cannot complete the minigame for a whole week or even more, which is why they delete the game.

We can say that this is a feature of the game, but at the same time, it is also a flaw of the developers, as players quit a really interesting game simply because of the inability to move further along the story.

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Unfortunately, skipping minigames is impossible, as they are an important part of the story and, as we said, are a feature of this game.

If you are still serious, and despite everything you want to complete this game, here are some tips on how to complete the minigames:

  • Always try to collect puzzles at the very bottom. So all the figures above will fall and sometimes there will be a natural connection between the figures.
  • If you have accumulated coins and want to use them, then buy extra lives. You can also buy extra moves, but buying lives is much more profitable, especially since they cost the same.
  • Complete a few easier puzzles first, and then move on to the harder one. This advice is partly superstitious, but many players have said that by doing this, the game makes it much faster and easier to complete levels.

Although for many players it is quite difficult to pass the minigames, many have no problems with the minigames and quickly solve all the puzzles. So the attitude of the game to each player is individual, so just try and you will succeed.

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Can I Skip Minigames in Duskwood? – Answered


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