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Can a controller be used with Genshin Impact Mobile?

Can a controller be used with Genshin Impact Mobile?
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Genshin Impact mobile is a widely popular gacha-based action role-playing game that released on September 28, 2020. In just a week, Genshin Impact mobile grossed around $60 Million from microtransactions. It has become a critically acclaimed role-playing videogame title of the year 2020.

More than millions of players play Genshin Impact mobile daily. And, because of that many players have started facing problems with the resins(used for claiming loot and more) system. Also, many players have a hard time playing Genshin Impact mobile with on-screen controls. So, today we are going to talk about Genshin Impact mobile controller support and in another article, we will talk about the resin problem and how to manage them.

Can we use a controller to play Genshin Impact mobile?

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No, players cannot play Genshin Impact mobile directly using a controller. There is no official controller support for the game. However, that doesn’t mean we cannot use a controller to play the game on mobile devices.

There are several third-party apps that players can use to map a wireless/wired controller to Genshin Impact mobile on-screen controls. We have a complete guide on How to play Genshin Impact mobile using a controller. So, make sure you check it out if you are interested in playing the game using a controller.

Genshin Impact has become a widely popular game within a few weeks of launch. The developers are quite motivated to bring new content to the game every 6 weeks. The game will receive its version 1.1 update on November 11, 2020. And as of now, the developers have also confirmed they are working on different versions updates of the game simultaneously.

Seeing the popularity of Genshin Impact, there’s a high chance that the game will receive controller support officially in the coming future.

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Can a controller be used with Genshin Impact Mobile?


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