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Genshin Impact mobile is a gacha-based action role-playing game developed by miHoYo. The game launched on September 28, 2020, across platforms including PC, PS4, Android and iOS. According to Sensor Tower, in the first week after launch, Genshin Impact generated around $60 Million using in-game microtransactions.

Image Credit: Sensor Tower

Despite being a free to play videogame title, Genshin Impact Mobile was the number one grossing role-playing game on the mobile platform, and in the overall ranking, it was at the second position. Genshin Impact has taken over the gaming community with its Breath of the Wild like open-world exploration and a unique take on combat and party system.

Genshin Impact Mobile: Controller Support

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One of the questions that Genshin Impact mobile players ask the most is “Can we play Genshin Impact mobile version using a controller?”. The answer to this question is both “Yes” and “No”. Genshin Impact mobile did have controller support during the beta phases of the game. However, on the full launch, the game no more officially supports a controller.

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Players can play Genshin Impact mobile with a controller(PS4 or any other wireless controller) by using 3rd party applications. These third-party applications help you to map each key of your controller to the Genshin Impact mobile on-screen buttons. Octopus is one of those third-party applications that players can use to play Genshin Impact mobile with a controller.

How to download Octopus?

  • Visit Google PlayStore.
  • Search for “Octopus – Gamepad, Mouse, Keyboard Keymapper”.
  • Download the app.

Here is a direct link to download the Octopus app for android devices.

After you are done downloading the Octopus app. Connect a wireless controller to your mobile device and start configuring your controller with Genshin Impact in-game controls. To do that follow the steps mentioned or try the video tutorial:

  • Open Genshin Impact mobile using Octopus.
  • At the top of your screen, you can find a blue octopus.
  • Click on the octopus and then on the “plus” sign.
  • After that, you will be prompted to the Keymapping menu.
  • Use the different keys on your controller to assign action related to Genshin Impact.
  • After you are done assigning the keys set the key opacity to 0 to make it invisible.

Here is a short tutorial on the configuration from a YouTuber who goes by the name Hayzink DKB.

The above video explains it very well how players can use a wireless controller to play Genshin Impact mobile. However, if there is any doubt regarding the configurations or anything related to this topic. Ask us in the comments down below.

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  1. Stay away from octopus and stop recommending this s**t, it is a phishing app, with malicious content, it installs hooks and needs all permissions to your phone


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