Do you still remember AdVenture Capitalist? Well, prepare for an upgrade as Rapid Turtle Games took the concept to a whole new level with Business Superstar, an absolutely amazing business simulation game/endless clicker for the iPhone and iPad. It looks better, it has a ton more options and it’s insanely fun! Also, there are a lot of secrets and tips you should know in order to get the most out of this game, so let me help you out a bit by sharing some Business Superstar cheats and tips in a complete strategy guide that will help you expand your business empire all over the world and become the best business-man or woman that ever was!

So let’s not waste a single second – time is money – and let’s check out the Business Superstar tips and cheats below!

1. Be smart when it comes to hiring your assistants
Always start from the most profitable business you earn and go towards the least profitable in order to get the most out of your assistants. When you have all the businesses unlocked, you should also have them automated with the help of assistants. Afterwards, focus on getting the assistants for the best businesses first, but don’t try to complete all the Space Tourism ones first and then move to the other, as you will keep losing money this way. Get them up a level, then restart with the same tactic.

2. You can spend your money on gold!
And you should do so until the gold you get becomes insanely expensive – which will happen soon. Tap your businessman’s or businesswoman’s face in the upper left corner and then tap the “Buy Gold” icon in the menu. You can exchange your in-game cash for gold and each new transaction will be more expensive than the previous one. But until you reach the Billion, the deals are really sweet. You will also be able to get the gold later on as you progress through the game and you will have a ton of money.

3. How to get even more gold
Another easy way to get gold is to watch the ad every 10 minutes and grab the free gold. You only receive 1 gold piece this way, but it’s better than nothing, so you should always do that. Also, in order to get some extra free gold, come for the daily reward: you will be able to spin the wheel and win a random amount each day. Every little bit adds up and eventually you will be able to buy the next assistant or investor with your gold.

4. Play with the cat
Did you notice the cat? Go to the office and sometimes you will see there a cat in a box. Tap on it several times and you will get some money from it. Free money!

5. Be smart with the upgrades, too!
Upgrading your businesses is not just about getting better profits (pretty soon you will pay too much for an upgrade anyway) but about getting extra gold. So don’t ignore the low paying businesses, because upgrading those will give you the same gold as you will get from reaching the same upgrade milestones with the more expensive ones. So get the gold from the low paying businesses and use it to get assistants for the better paying ones!

6. Don’t waste gold on Skills
At least not early on, when gold is more useful for purchasing assistants. Skills give you extra XP, which in turn will be used to increase your businessman’s level. But early on, you will get a ton of XP from the achievements that you’ll complete, so there’s no point in getting those skills. Wait to have everything else set up and only afterwards focus on the Skills.

7. Expand your business!
Expanding your business globally is made by spending Gold (again, Gold!) to increase profits and gain some extra XP points as well. Different continents have different opportunities when it comes to expanding your business, so make sure that you check them all. I would suggest starting in Africa or Europe because they are divided into smaller, less expensive regions. However, just as it is with the skills, there is no actual reason to start spending your gold here until you have the assistants.

8. Take care of your health and productivity
Both these stats go down as time goes by, and the less health and/or productivity you have, the less money you will get. So make sure that you keep them maxed out at all times by tapping the kitchen and water when your numbers go down. This one’s for free!

These would be, for now, our tips and tricks for the amazing Business Superstar. Do you have anything else to add? Let us know by commenting below!


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