AdVenture Capitalist Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Make a Ton of Money


Kongergate have just launched an insanely addictive game on the App Store under the name of AdVenture Capitalist. This game expands the “endless tapping” formula into a smarter and less chaotic game and, in my opinion, is the best option in the genre. But we’re not here to praise the game – even though it fully deserves it – and instead we’ll talk about some AdVenture Capitalist cheats and tips to help you progress as fast as possible and get your business to the next level. And rule the world.

So if you’re looking to make more money, faster, in the game, check out Touch Tap Play’s AdVenture Capitalist tips and cheats below!

1. It’s all about the managers
Really, the managers are pure gold in the game as they keep your business running even when you’re not logged in to the game! So make it your goal to unlock all managers as soon as possible – at least for the first 5-6 businesses and only afterwards focus on the upgrades. Managers are great!

2. Upgrade everything
The more times you upgrade your businesses, the more money you will make. But try to even everything out a bit – there’s no point in paying tens of millions to get your lemonade stand to level 500 when you’ll make a better profit by upgrading the other businesses too. The hundreds of upgrades are for achievements and improvements, but only consider them after you have everything at around level 25 – 50.

3. Keep an eye on the Unlocks menu
The Unlocks menu is extremely important, especially the first page because it shows you the number of upgrades you have to purchase for each business in order to greatly improve its speed or profits. Once you complete a requirement, a new one will be unlocked and you’ll have to keep on going. The Lemonade Stand alone goes all the way to level 6,000, so you have a ton of upgrading to do!

4. Watch ads for double profits
See that green TV set in the lower right corner? Tap it, watch an ad and your profits will be doubled for the next 4 hours. Make sure to have that running for you continuously, it will help you a lot to unlock everything and rule the world.

5. Upgrade before the timer runs out
The later businesses, starting with the Hockey Stadium, require quite some time before you can collect the profits. But if you upgrade them a few times right before the timer is ready, you still get the larger chunk of money. So I would suggest you spend your money on upgrades in other areas and only when the timer’s close to resetting, invest in these mammoth businesses.

6. Angel investors are really worth it
After unlocking everything and being filthy rich, you will get the chance to unlock the Investors – they greatly increase your profits and give you access to some upgrades, but you have to sell all your businesses and start over. But that’s the way to go if you want to make even more money, so when you have the chance, sell your shares and get as many Angels as possible – this opens up new possibilities and eventually help you get closer to unlocking everything in the game.

[UPDATE] We have also published a complete guide on the Angel Investors and how they work. If you’re interested, you can check it out here.

These would be for now our AdVenture Capitalist tips and tricks to help you get the most out of this game. Do you have other suggestions? Let us know by commenting below!

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AdVenture Capitalist Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Make a Ton of Money


  1. Once the angel investors are unlocked and you restart the game can you continue to get angel investors or do you have to keep restarting? I just see thing that some upgrades need billions of them and I can’t imagine getting that much.

    • You have to keep restarting – I would suggest a first restart when you have about 100 of them, invest in the fist Angel upgrade and keep the rest for the better profits. Then don’t go for the second restart unless you have well over 1,000. Haven’t gone further yet, but the more angels you get the easier it will be to make a TON of money in future plays. :)

      • I usually restart once a day or roughly when I can DOUBLE my number of angels. Usually it takes me maybe 20 min to get to 80% of where I was before restart, then another 1-2 hrs of waiting and a couple of check-ins to get to where I was before restart, then the rest is new acquisitions.

      • I have gone so much further, I have trequadragintillion! Tbh I just used my own methods and this is the first time I’m searching up videos to see other ways I could have gotten to the point i am right now, btw that’s my money on earth, I have a lot on moon and Mars too!

  2. You see, it’s well made in steam as well, But the achievement to reach a googolaire, that’s imposibble, Ofc, That’s 10,­000,­000,­000,­000,­000,­000,­000,­000,­000,­000,­000,­000,­000,­000,­000,­000,­000,­000,­000,­000,­000,­000,­000,­000,­000,­000,­000,­000,­000,­000,­000,­000,­000 dollars!

  3. Some tips (I’m at the $10s of Tresexagintillion point)

    Figure out what will give you the next 10-100x in money. Often it will doing the upgrades, eventually you’ll taper out, then look at your angels. Once you’ve reached a 10-100x increase in angels, trade them in.

    At certain points it’ll start asking if you want to trade your angels in. Don’t do it if the payoff isn’t right, for example, if you have 10 xxxxx angels and a 3x upgrade is 9 xxxxx angles, don’t do it. However, if its 1-2 xxxx angles you’ll be taking a cut of 10-20% for a 3x gain. Do it.

    There are two types of angel upgrades, multipliers and raw number increases in the various categories. When resetting, upgrade ONLY the multipliers. Then once you’ve plateaued, that is, you’ve bought all your $ upgrades, your managers, and all the numerical upgrades (# of lemon stands etc), and it’s looking like the next 100 or 250 will take weeks. Then use your numerical angel upgrades. This should boost you into a new level of $ upgrades or managers. repeat.

    Typically, once you’ve gone through this cycle, you’ll have exhausted all your angel upgrades, your money upgrades and it’s looking like the next useful unlock is hours/days away. Check the investment screen, you should see yourself rapidly bypassing your old # of angels into a new level. Let that number get to 10-100x the old, then start this all over.

    This way, everytime you do this, you should jump a numerical level, that is, go from un- to duo- or even to tre-xxxxx. Keep at it, you’ll end up at the end evenutally.

    • Did you put your phone in Airplane mode? If not put in airplane mode first, adjust the phone time backwards, buy stuff, exit game completely, adjust time forward, open game, spend money. Rinse, repeat

  4. ANYONE PLEASE RESPOND I NEED HELP! I did this multiple times now I have to wait like 3,000 years in real time to unlock the moon! What do I do?!?!

  5. I have thought a lot about how the game works and the growth model for each resource, and I have come up with what I believe is a good approximation of the optimal solution. I have taken to calling this solution the “dumb robot approximation”.

    Imagine a stupid robot playing the game. The stupid robot is not smart enough to do complicated mathematics to figure out the optimal upgrade sequence, they can only compare the value of whatever is on the screen. The stupid robot knows that every time it spends money it makes money faster, and thus the stupid robot concludes that it should spend money on something every chance it gets. To summarize it another way, the stupid robot buys whatever upgrade is cheapest as soon as it becomes available.

    This strategy has already been suggested before, and this isn’t the optimal solution. However, I believe it is close enough to the optimal solution so as to make any other additional optimization trivial. Allow me to explain why.

    Before I begin I want to make note of a few things.

    Cash growth and ROI (return on investment) in the game are all governed by exponential decay. For example, every business you buy cost more than the business you bought before it, and each additional business N contributes (total profit) * (1 + n/n-1). As N gets larger, each additional N+1 purchase increases your profit less than N, and N-1, ect. In addition, each N+1 cost more resources, further limiting growth.

    Each upgrade you buy also has diminishing returns. For example, the ‘monopoly’ upgrade increase your profit by 3x, or P * 3.The ‘monopsony’ upgrade increases your profit an additional 3x, or P*6, making this upgrade only 50% as effective as the first (it only doubles your money instead of tripling it). Likewise, an additional multiplier of x3 would only increase your gross profit by a 3rd, and the next by a 4th, and so on and so forth. Likewise, each upgrade cost more resources than that of the same type before it, further limiting growth.

    All the multipliers in the game operate this way, including the multipliers from angels and time multipliers (from reaching benchmarks in your business count; ie 25, 50, 100, etc).

    So as you progress further and further in the game, each single upgrade has an increasingly diminishing effect on your overall growth.

    Something else worth noting; the amount of money you make follows an exponential curve. In the beginning your profit is measured in thousands, a few minutes later your profit is measured in millions, some time later in billions, trillions, quintillions, ect. This means that the money you make in the early game becomes increasingly insignificant compared to the money you make later in the game.

    This is just the way the game operates, now lets talk about how one would go about finding the “optimal” solution. The optimal solution being the one that generates you the most money over the long term.

    In the most simplified view of the game, you have the choice between several upgrades. The optimal solution would have you choose the upgrade that would increase your profit the most.

    The game is more complicated than that, however, because of the dimension of time. Often you have the choice in the game to purchase a cheaper upgrade NOW, and reap its benefits immediately, or wait and purchase an upgrade later and delay the benefits. In order to determine what is optimal, you would have to calculate each upgrade’s effect on your growth over time. The optimal move is the one that produces you the most money in the future.

    However, the game is more complicated than that because of the way money is generated in the game. Money is given to you at discrete intervals, and not continuously. What I mean by that is you reap the benefits of your upgrade only when at certain discrete points in time; ie every 15 seconds for a donut shop perhaps. This introduces the possibility that the optimal move is to purchase an upgrade that will increase your profit less in the long term because it will produce more money for you in the short term, that you can further invest in other upgrades, the commulative gain of these sub-optimal upgrades being greater than the single gain of the “optimal” upgrade in the simplified model.

    Then, of course, there are angels. To maximize your growth you must restart to acquire them. When to restart impacts your decisions. The optimal longer term upgrade might be the wrong choice if you are approaching an eminent restart, because you won’t have time to reap its full benefits before you lose the upgrade to acquire your angels. This means the optimal solution would have you choose the upgrade that would net you the most money before your next restart.

    For all these reasons, and more, calculating the next optimal move is too difficult; an approximation is necessary.

    If you buy the cheapest upgrades first, you are likely not making the optimal move. The optimal move might increase your profit 10x, for example, while a sub optimal move might increase your profit only 1.1x. In the long term this would have a dramatic effect on your growth. However, you don’t buy a cheap upgrade and then no other upgrades, you keep buying upgrades as you can afford them, whatever they may be. So when you are comparing the effectiveness of several cheap upgrades to one optimal upgrade, you have to consider the cumulative benefits of all cheap upgrades before the optimal upgrade is purchased.

    Another important point to make is that all upgrade sequences, in the long term, are comparable to each other. The only bad upgrade sequence is the one where you purchase nothing at all, because then your growth is 0%. Every upgrade purchase increases your growth rate by some value. The theoretical optimal solution might net you some amount of extra dollars X compared to whatever you make Y using the dumb robot approximation. In the longer time though you will be making X amount of dollars every minutes, every second, every tenth of a second in the future, making all optimal gains increasingly insignificant the longer you play.

    The last point I want to make is that if you keep purchasing the cheapest upgrade eventually the optimal move you should have made at some move sequence X will be purchased. For example if the optimal move is to upgrade your oil rigs, using the dumb robot approximation you might upgrade everything else first. Eventually, however, the oil rig upgrade will be the cheapest upgrade on the board and so you will purchase it.This makes all optimal move sequences a subset of the dumb robot’s move sequence.

    So approximately the best way to play the game is to buy whatever upgrade is cheapest and then to calculate the best time to restart, or to make simplified restart rules. One that as use; I restart every time my angel count will increase between 3x-4x. It is not optimal, but it is close enough to optimal, especially in the long term, that it makes almost no difference.

    In conclusion, Keep buying upgrades and don’t worry about which one is best. In the long term, you get to the same place at almost the same time no matter what you do.

  6. Another oddity. I flipped my angels for about the fourth time and suddenly they started multiplying like crazy! I earned over one million angels in 4 minutes (yes minutes); I have no idea what I did but I haven’t been able to duplicate that feat and now it is taking about 36 hours just to get 10 million angels.

  7. The best way to get angels, is to just trade in when you get around 100 angels. Then just keep doubling it. But it’ll speed up massively. So you’ll go from 100 to 200, then to 500, then you’ll end up with 100, then 3000, and very quickly you’ll have over 100 billion. Then after about 5 minutes on a reset, you’ll get 250 billion. It’s great fun!

  8. I started 2 days ago, already over 300 Billion angels and in the decilion dollar range. Angel investors are HUGE. Every time you double your angels, restart. I restarted this afternoon with 10 million angels, amazed how quickly I built right back up to where I was before the restart (15-20 minutes). Left for the day, came back and my angels are in the tens of billions. Hooked on this game.

  9. Does anyone know what’s the deal with the lemonade stands? I have 1900 of them and it says that the profit is 87.2 septendecillion/sec but in reality I make that sum of money IN TOTAL in about 15-20 seconds.

  10. Media is the life blood of all business right? And there is a newspaper…
    Go into unlocks gallery and look at the newspaper unlocks…
    You will see that at the following unlocks you get the following rewards
    225 Donut shop x 2
    250 Lemonade x 3
    275 Carwash x 3
    325 Pizza x 3
    350 Donut shop x 3
    375 Lemonade x4
    425 Carwash x 4
    450 Pizza x 4
    475 Donut x 4
    Then is starts to get relly interesting with these bonuses
    500 Shrimps x 11
    525 Lemonade x 5
    550 Carwash x 5
    575 Pizza x 5
    600 Hockey x 11
    The bonuses keep getting bigger
    at 900 Oil companies x 9 for example take a look in the unlocks gallery at this and youll see the newspaper is great value for increasing profits to insane levels….


  11. Mike D how? I’ve been playing for the last few weeks n still only at 1-2 billion dollars stage and 49 angels on earth! I’ve unlocked all planets but it’s so tricky to just go planet to planet all the time and I hardly get any money! I don’t know how to earn so many angels, and the time/ date changing method doesn’t work for me… I’m just so puzzled how you get billions of angels


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