AdVenture Capitalist Guide to Angel Investors


We have already talked in depth about AdVenture Capitalist in our tips & tricks guide, but there is one element in the game that is still a mystery to most people: the Angel Investors. Therefore, I have decided to create this guide focusing solely on the Adventure Capitalist Angel Investors – how do they work, when to reset and basically everything you need to know about them!

So if you were a bit worried about resetting your game for some Angel Investors, this article will take those worries away or simply have you keep on going ignoring them completely.

So, what are Angel Investors? They are an in-game unlockable that can be received only by completely resetting your game (as in starting from zero, with all upgrades an unlocks reset) and you get them based on your total earnings – the more earnings you got during a session, the more Angel Investors you will get.

They have three main uses: first, they increase all profits in the game by 2% (so if you have 100 Angels, your profits will be double). Then, they can be spend on Angel Upgrades in the Upgrades menu, where you sacrifice (as in completely lose them!) tons of Angels for different boosts. Finally, you can spend Angle Investors for Managers who generally make your businesses a lot cheaper (their leveling upgrades too).

The interesting part? At the reset, you won’t lose the Angel Investors that you have not spent, even though you will lose the upgrades and managers purchased with them. To, understand, however, how great the Angel Investors are and why they’re really worth resetting everything for, here’s how my game looked like:

– It took me about two days before deciding to reset for the first time. I gained 72 Angel investors (I then went on and spent 10 for the first unlock).
– It took me two more days before going for another reset. I initially wanted to wait for over 1,000 but I decided to see how things go. They went incredibly well.
– After my latest restart, after about 10 minutes of playing (maybe less), I had already owned the Oil Company, all the businesses up to Hockey Team (including) were at level 50, the Movie Studio was at level 8 and Bank at level 3. In just 10 minutes of playing and it was all thanks to my ton of Angel Investors who were increasing my profits by almost 1,400%

In other words, it’s worth resetting as soon as possible and gaining the first batch of angels, then waiting a bit and getting the second batch. From now on, your progress will be a lot faster and you’ll be able to get more and more Angel investors. And don’t forget – you should always have a few hundred (thousands later on) simply working up your profits, because that really packs a punch!

I really hope that this article has answered all your questions regarding the AdVenture Capitalist Angel Investors and if you were not resetting your game, maybe you’ll understand that you should!

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AdVenture Capitalist Guide to Angel Investors


  1. “2% (so if you have 100 Angels, your profits will be double).”

    That’s actually incorrect.

    100 Angels = 200% increase.

    with 50 Angels 100% = profits double (with 50 Angels)
    with 100 Angels 200% = profits increase 3 times!

      • Nice guide, definitely a balance between resetting and getting angels is the best strategy.

        Personally I try to get at least 150 Angels before first reset but I think 100 to 200 is OK.

        And then I try to at least triple the amount of angels before resetting again.

        • I go with the one day rule – I play for one day, intensely, then reset. Eventually progress will get a bit slower (after 20-30 billion angels) so I have moved to a reset every couple of days.

          • Jday789. No. Since you are already gaining 100%, you gain an additional 2% per angel. So when you if you had 50 angels x 2% = 100% additional, so they were correct.

        • What I personally do is, (say I have 10,000 angels) I wait until I get 20,000 for my restart, I just prefer to double it because then it becomes soo much easier.

    • It really depends on how many angels you have, but later on in the game all the Angel upgrades are cheaper – you will see that eventually the first businesses will be more expensive.

      • The profit would go down to 1000%, but let us say you bought a x3 multiplier on everything with those 500. the 1000% would pretty much change to a 3000%, giving you an extra 1000% to earn.

        The percent increase gotten by the AI is added to the earnings of your businesses before the multiplier.

  2. When you spend angels, are they gone permanently or do they return aftrt the next reset?

    Ex: have 2000 angels, spend 1000 and are left with 1000. After a while the investor menu says you’ll get +1500 next reset. Next time do you have 3500 angels or 2500?

    • You will have 2,500. All angels that are spent are gone forever. But you’ll see that it’s worth spending them as the speed of gaining them increases from reset to reset if you play it smart as recommended in the article.

  3. It doesn’t seem worth it to me. I did it once and was very highly upset…. Even tho I did get my bussiness back and healthy quicker, Jud doesn’t seem worth it.. I mean the 1st angel upgrades or 1 , 100 , and 1000. The next is 100,000. Now if it took me a week to get 1,101 angels. How long you think its gonna take me to get 100,000. Come o. Seriously?

    • My approach has been to reset every morning. I now have 127 trillion+ angel investors. After I reset and gained my one glass of lemonade, it profited me $2.55 billion.

      I immediately purchased all angel upgrades to x9 (100 billion angels) and all managers, including the ones that run your businesses, and the ones that reduce all commodities by 10% (up to 10 billion angels).

      I then buy 9 more lemonade stands and change my increment to 10’s, then buy 90 more. Then I change my increments to 100’s.

      I buy 100 of all vendors (make sure you click the commodity once! Your manager will work only if the stores are already producing – I once went a whole day without oil wells producing). By that time, I have like a quadrillion dollars or something – mere seconds in! – so I buy all the upgrades that I can (I currently get to banks x7) and then I go back through and buy 100 more of all commodities.

      I always buy starting at the top and working down, since the more valuable businesses are also actually cheaper and return more. The one exception is lemonade stands – I blast up to 1200 of them and they produce more per second than oil wells

      I go back and forth between upgrades and commodities until I can’t afford any more. Currently that gets me to 500 in each, with 600 in the 2nd column. This takes me 2 minutes.

      I then go do my morning thing and get ready for work, and then try to get 600 in all of them,. the reason why I do all 10 commodities together is that you get unlock bonuses of x2 to everything with each 100 increment that you purchase for all 10 commodities.

      In the tine it has taken me to write this, I have gained ~2.5 undecillion dollars..

      It took me 2 weeks of playing, resetting every day, to do this, I actually reset when my potential investors is the same as what I have, so I double my number – but it seems to work out to roughly daily.

      Resetting angles is the only way to play this game. If I had not reset the game, I would likely be happy to break 10 million dollars by now. In my current game, 10 million dollars happened before my game even started, from bonuses alone.

      This game is all about the bonuses.

  4. I don’t play the game often, but I play it a few times a day. The first time I upgraded I got 72 Angels. I am now at 3-4 billion and it hasn’t been long. I earn 2-9 million with each reset. I promise it’s worth it!

  5. Resetting is definitely worth it. My lifetime earnings is over $957 septillion. I have sacrificed about 70 million for upgrades and have about 2.5 million investors. My next reset would yield over 80 million Angels. I have been playing just over a week and would never be nearly as far without having done it.

  6. Not sure what you guys are doing wrong to have so little money and angels. (No offense). I am up to 90 Quattuorvigintillion lifetime earnings and 500 nonnillion angels with 800 nonillion earned this session and counting. I just started playing a week and a half ago.

    i use the angel upgrades often and buy all the managers I can as long as it doesn’t put too much if a dent in my angel pool. Also, try to hit all 100, then 200 then 300 and up in all my businesses as often as possible as this will maximize your income by doubling everything. You can go way ahead on lemons though because they are cheap and actually provide most of your earnings per sec later on.

    On a side note, why won’t this comment box let me capitalize anything?

    • pshh. get on my level 8.804 quinquadragintillion lifetime earnings, ive reached a point where you mostly play the waiting game even with 9vigintilion angels. and the moon base is all kinds of wierd and slow

  7. Regardless, patience might be the best thing here that will give you profound results. I’m currently operating in the quinquadragintillion range with 30 vigintilion investors and I still have several unlocks I can do with the AI. rule of thumb being “you have to know when to hold them, know when to fold them.” Upgrade everything you can even in the single amounts before you go to bed, and reset when you wake up because it will have been gaining the investors for you the whole night. You will be able to reallocate your funds faster with the added bonus of your new investor camp.
    Pay attention to your ai unlocks, and still give yourself the opportunity for them to give you their bonus intead of spending them on an expensive unlock. I usually wait till I am in the hundreds of each denomination before I spend the ai in that section.
    Cash upgrades are a little different. Regardless you can spend away with no care on losing anything. You’ll get that money back with only having to wait slightly less of a time than you had before.
    —–notice—– some denominations take an astronomical amount of time for you to unlock another bonus. Be patient.

    Happy investing :)

    Credibility factor: i’m in the top 6% percent performers

  8. When i reset does all of my cash on hand go away too..? Need to know if i should spend it all before resetting or not. Its my first reset and i have over 2,000 angels, haha. had no idea when to reset till now..

  9. The key to the game is spending your angels on whichever one is making you the most money. Once you get the cash/sec upgrades, you can see which business is making you the most money. One of them is probably making at least 10x more than everything else, so spend angels to upgrade that one even more. If you aren’t sure how many angel purchases to make, a good rules of thumb is to spend until it asks you if you are sure.

    For example, if your newspapers is making you the most money, spend all the angels you want to upgrade it. But don’t go spending a lot of angels of anything that isn’t currently making you the most (or close).

  10. So the problem I’m seeing with sacrificing angels is that it just doesn’t make sense mathematically… My cheapest available angel sacrifice is 10,000 angels for a x3 profits. But 10,000 angels = +20,000% = x200 profits. Trading x200 profits for x3 profits is obviously bonkers, with larger sacrifices (100k angels, 1 million angels, etc) being progressively less sensible. Is this a bug, or did the designers just think nobody would think about the numbers if distracted by flashing green lights and a classic jingle?

    • Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I think this is how it works. 1 angel is 2% so as you have said 10,000 angels is 200% profits which translate to x2. x3 is the equivalent of 300% which should translate to 15,000 angels.

      • He said 20,000% not 200%, to break even with the 10000 angel upgrade you need 15,000 angels which is 300x. 5000 angels left over, with x3 profit = 15000 angels. For every angel over 15000 you have, the 10000 angel purchase becomes more valuable, allowing you to build angels faster. I would avoid buying it until you have more than 20000 angels though.

  11. I only spend 2,5% of my angels to get the full amount of profit.

    And I get reset the angel investors after I have at least doubled the amount of angels.

  12. I left it an entire week before first reset. I gained 1001 angels on first reset. After one hour, I had caught back up to where I originally was and spent another week, which I gained 40,000ish angels. That was 36 hours ago. Now I have 1.041million angels waiting for the next reset. I’m thinking a few more days and get them to 5 million, then reset and watch the numbers skyrocket again.

  13. So I have reset a few times now and I have hundreds of Angels already, but I choose not to use them yet. Do I still get my 2% extra per angel on the ones I havent used, or do I have to spend my angels to get the 2% ?

  14. I’ve been playing for a little over a week, and I have about fifteen billion angels after about ten resets. My friend is into the heinously high numbers, and he said you gain angels faster and faster. However, my increase has plateaued. My ability to upgrade always gets super slow when everything reaches 500 (I keep them roughly even), and after an entire day I only have a few billion angels to gain by resetting. I buy the cash upgrades whenever I can, and each time I get it up to 10% per angel. Should I just keep plugging away, or am I doing something wrong?

    • Don’t ignore the upgrades, even the expensive angel ones. I had the same thing until I bought the x9 multiplier.

      Don’t forget, the multipliers do their work after the percents get added, they aren’t equal.

  15. I’m down to only completely buying out the oil to finally beat this game. Everything is maxed out, except for oil. I’m sitting at 6718. About every day i pick up 10 more oils, so i’m close. to buy one oil is $6.072 sexsexagintillion. That’s not a typo, two sexes. Who even knew that was a real number?

  16. I started a new game about 2 hours ago, what I do before the first reset is that I start by unlocking every business and getting all of them to tier one (25) and I continue doing this until I collect about 100-300 angels and then I reset. Is this a good way to begin or did I do something wrong? Thanks to everyone that replies.

  17. I think it’s a pretty decent beginning strategy, however, before the first reset, I just upgrade the things that I cam afford and after 1 or 2 hours, I just let the managers to the hard work for me… I don’t have much time to play this game since i’m kinda busy these days… Anyways have a nice day :D

  18. I was unsure about resetting for months, I recently reset my game with nearly 22,500 Angels… It’s very worth it! (Accidentally spent a load of them though without thinking)

  19. Listen to these folks! I’ve been dinking around with the game for a couple of weeks… Not really paying attention and certainly not paying attention to Angels. Today I reset for the first time with just under 8500 angels… In three hours I have earned back over Half my lifetime total, I’m making money at alarming rates, and have acquired over 2800 new angels on my next reset… Guess I should have visited a forum sooner

  20. Trust me sacrifice your angels as soon as you get the yellow light next to it. I dont kow why everyone is doing math to figure this out lol. I’ve beaten moon and mars in a 2 weeks. All upgrades and managers unlocked. Everyone doing the math youre just waisting time. This game is way more simple than youre making it.

  21. You might aswell reset whenever you’ve earned double your amount of investors you currently own. On Mars I have 14.652 Novemvigintillion investors and can restart to gain 338 Untrigintillion investors… (338×10^96) It takes like 5 minutes to get right back up there and more.

  22. I was really nervous about making my first reset, but it was totally worth it. I got back everything up to bank with managers, lemons and newspapers over 50 and everything except bank and film well over 25. With 10 angels in about 2 hours. I now have almost 1000000 angels. So if you are considering whether or not to give it a shot, take the risk because it is absolutely worth it.

  23. I have octotrigintillions of angel investors on Earth.But when I reset I have a Lemonade Stand that produces novemtrigintillions of dollars,but all the bonuses I have explain that.A octotrigintillion is 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.

  24. A centillion is 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000


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