Bubble Shooter Arena Guide: Tips & Cheats To Get a High Score

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Welcome to Bubble Shooter Arena, a new bubble popping match-3 shooting game. Launch colored bubbles onto the board, and match three of them to pop them! You have three minutes to pop as much as you can, as you are going up against another human opponent. The player with highest score at the end wins!

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In Touch Tap Play’s Bubble Shooter Arena tips and tricks guide, we will go over the basics of bubbling popping and how to use your time wisely. You gotta score high to make earn lots of ticketz, so let’s get started with our Bubble Shooter Arena cheats, tips, and tricks strategy guide to get a high score!

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Shooting Bubbles

When a match starts, three minutes are put on the clock and you have to score as many points as possible. Every time you match at least three bubbles of the same color, they will pop and earn you points.

Touch the screen and drag to make the crosshair appear. The crosshair will give you an approximate idea of where your bubble is going to land after you let go, so make sure you aim wisely. Do not take too long though, because remember that you are on the clock!

The more bubbles you pop at once, the more points you will score. To score lots of points, you have to be constantly popping bubbles while moving very fast, so warm up your finger cause you are going to be swiping a lot!

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Getting Combo Points

Bubbles are affected by gravity and they will only stay afloat if they are attached to another bubble. If you can manage to find a weak “link” in the bubble mass and pop them, the remaining bubbles that are not holding onto anything will drop down.

This is called a combo! When you perform a combo, you will get bonus points based on the number of bubbles that were dropped when you cut off the link. The bigger the bubble mass you drop, the more points the combo will be worth.

Combos are the key to getting high scores. If you want to stand a chance at placing high on the leaderboards, you will need to start making combos on your own.

When you are tackling a mass of bubbles, try to chip away at one section of the mass. You want to make a big enough dent so that the rest of the mass is hanging on by a single connection, then you can start cutting that off.

It is kind of hard to do since the game gives you randomized bubbles, so try to balance between keeping your bubbles away from the bottom of the screen while working on setting up a big combo.

Keep an Eye on the Bubble Counter

Before you shoot a bubble, look at the bottom left corner of the screen. You will see a few dots that are filled in, but if you look after you shoot the bubble you will notice one of the dots is now missing.

This is your bubble flow meter. Whenever you shoot a bubble and it does not immediately match with other bubbles, you will lose one dot on the meter. When all dots are gone, the next shot will cause a new row of bubbles to spawn at the top of the screen, pushing the bubbles down.

If any bubble reaches the bottom of the screen, the game is over, so be careful not to let this happen! If a bubble is getting close, an orange line will appear to warn you. It is best to take care of the encroaching bubbles to avoid a game over.

With some careful planning and some luck, you can avoid spawning too many bubbles as long as you keep making matches.

Grab the Diamonds

Occasionally you may see one peculiar bubble that is holding a diamond inside of it. These diamond bubbles are usually buried behind lots of other bubbles, so it will take some time getting to them, but it is worth it!

Getting a diamond bubble is worth a ton of points – 1,000 to be exact – so it is well worth you time to go out of your way to grab these things. Try to work around the bubbles that are encasing the diamond bubbles so that you are still getting some decent points while you work towards the bonus!

Get the Bonus Rush

If you are fast and efficient enough at clearing through masses of bubbles, you will get very close to clearing the whole board. When this happens, you may trigger a special bonus round.

When a bonus happens, the whole board will be filled with bubbles again, but this time there will only be two random colors selected. What this means is that you can make some very easy matches, and they will be worth lots of points since the chain will most likely be large.

It is very hard to get this to trigger, so do not worry if it is not happening to you. Just keep practicing and do your best to clear out the bubbles as fast as possible and you will get lucky eventually!

Understanding the Score Breakdown

Your final score at the end of the match is comprised of four different factors. Knowing all four factors is crucial in understanding where most of your points are coming from and how to work around it.

The four main scoring factors are:

  • Bubble Points – These are points earned from popping bubbles.
  • Dropped Bubbles – These are points earned from creating combos and dropping masses of bubbles.
  • Diamonds – These are points earned from collected diamonds. Each diamond is worth 1,000 points.
  • Cleared Colors – At the end of the match, if you have no colors of a certain bubble left on the board, you will gain 1,000 points for it. For example, if you have no yellow bubbles left when time runs out, you will earn 1,000 points, but if you have no yellow or blue bubbles, you will earn 2,000 points!

Now that you know exactly how the scoring works, you can better your actions and work on improving your score. Go for the high score!

Final Tips

At the end of the day, becoming a better bubble popper takes some time, dexterity, and of course patience. Do not worry if you are constantly losing to random opponents online – what matters is that you keep practicing!

With the scoring methods in mind, you can better your approach to playing and improve your high scores. For regular bubble points, make sure to try to pop as many bubbles at once to get lots of points, while working towards setting up a combo.

This will net you lots of Bubble Points and Dropped Bubbles. All the while you are doing this, keep chipping a path away towards any diamonds that are on the board so that you get that sweet diamond bonus.

And last but not least, be efficient and smart with your bubble placement so that you do not add onto the bubbles excessively. Remember that your overall goal is to clear the board so that you can get the cleared colors bonus!

That’s all for Bubble Shooter Arena. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Bubble Shooter Arena Guide: Tips & Cheats To Get a High Score

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