Buzz buzz! It’s time to pop some bubbles with the help of our friendly spider buddy! Buzzy Bubbles is a match-3 puzzle game where you pop multicolored bubbles. It plays a lot like the classic arcade game Puzzle Bobble. You’ll be slinging bubbles left and right while exploring a beautiful and of course colorful bugscape! We’ve got some tips and tricks to help you through this buzzy journey in our Buzzy Bubbles cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Break the weakest links!


There are portions in the bubble masses that are narrow and “thin”. You should try to aim for these parts as much as possible. Keep in mind that bubbles need to be constantly attached to other bubbles to be supported up. Bubbles will immediately fall apart if they lose their last link, and that’s actually the most efficient way to tear down big masses of bubbles. Before you fire, examine the bubble mass for any weak links!

2. Get rid of the lowest points!

The camera will not scroll upwards until you get rid of the bubbles at the lowest points of the mass. Thin bubble branches will usually be the cause of this, so try to get rid of them first. Remember: above everything, you want to try to get to the top of the mass as fast as you can. Getting of bubbles in the flower row is your main objective, and you need to get to the very top in order to see it.

3. Be efficient with your bubbles!

Remember that you have two active bubbles at once, and you can switch between them by tapping on the shooter. Try to be as efficient as you can with your bubbles, as they will directly increase your score at the end of the level. Playing well is often not enough to push you over the three star threshold, so you’ll have to rely on saving your bubbles. You can do things like trying to take out big groups of bubbles, as mentioned in our first tip. At the end of a level, any remaining bubbles you have are randomly shot into the air and will land in one of the five holes. The closer the bubbles land to the center, the more points you’ll get.

4. Bank your shots!

To reach those hard, out of the way bubbles, you’re going to need to bank your shots! You’ll learn this very early on as the game outright recommends this technique, and it’s something you’ll have to master anyways. The shot indicator only shows you a portion of your bubble’s trajectory, but with enough practice you’ll be able to line up your shots exactly how you want them. Practice a lot and you’ll be able to bank shots off the walls like a pro! If you need a little bit of help, you can use a power up that shows your bubble’s exact trajectory.

That’s all for Buzzy Bubbles. If you’ve got any other bubblin’ tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!



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