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Brotato: How to Get The Spiky Shield

Brotato: How to Get The Spiky Shield
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Brotato is an arena shooter game, where you survive waves of enemies while developing and arming your character. There are many items and equipment which can help you to survive. You can get them by winning the run and solving quests. All of them have their stats and rarity. And today we want you to tell about how to get the Spiky Shield in Brotato.

Weapons and Items in Brotato

Brotato is a game where surviving is critical, and dealing with waves of enemies can be hard if you don’t have the correct items and weapons. There are many unlockables in this game, and they are useful as they will give you a helpful boost and make you do more damage. 

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Every item has unique stats, including damage, critical damage, cooldown, range, and others. Collecting all of these items and weapons can help you to get a benefit over the wave of enemies. Gather all of them to find a better weapon for your game! 

How to Get The Spiky Shield in Brotato

To get the Spiky Shield in Brotato, you will have to complete some quests. Use Masochist to win a run to have a chance to unlock Spiky Shield. To unlock Masochist, win a run on Danger Level 3. Winning a full run with the Masochist will get you the Spiky Shield challenge and the item will start appearing in your future runs. To make your run easier, use a melee weapon, as well as increase hp and lifesteal. 

Brotato Spiky Shield Stats

The Spiky Shield has the following stats:

  • Damage: 10 (200% armor).
  • Critical: x2 (3% chance).
  • Cooldown: 1.16 seconds.
  • Knockback: 20.
  • Range: 150 (Melee).

That’s all that you need to get the Spiky Shield in Brotato. Thank you for reading the guide. Good luck!

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Brotato: How to Get The Spiky Shield


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