Brawlhalla Legends Tier List: Best Characters, Ranked (April 2022)

Brawlhalla Characters Tier List

Brawlhalla has witnessed a huge surge in the active player base over the past few months. With a large number of players in the game, the new ones might face tough competition from the old gamers. In such a case, we highly recommend every Brawlhalla player to master the best Characters or Legends in the game and pair them with a deadly weapon combination.

Brawlhalla features over 50 Characters (Legends) that further possess unique moves and sets. In addition to this, players will find an abundance of weapons with their own strengths and weaknesses in the game.

That’s why every beginner and an intermediate player needs a Brawlhalla Characters Tier List to significantly boost his win rate.

Brawlhalla Characters Tier List

Ranking Brawlhalla Characters

The below list has been written in the form of Character: Weapon 1, Weapon 2.

Tier 1

  • Cross: Blaster, Gauntlet
  • Volkov: Axe, Scythe
  • Onyx: Gauntlet, Cannon
  • Fait: Scythe, Orb
  • Nix: Scythe, Blaster
  • Sidra: Cannon, Sword
  • Queen Nai: Spear, Katar
  • Isaiah: Cannon, Blaster
  • Mirage: Scythe, Spear
  • Caspian: Gauntlet, Katar
  • Xull: Cannon, Axe
  • Barraza: Axe, Blaster
  • Sentinel: Hammer, Katar
  • Ragnir: Katar, Axe

Tier 2

  • Rayman: Gauntlet, Axe
  • Jiro: Scythe, Sword
  • Jhala: Axe, Sword
  • Koji: Bow, Sword
  • Mordex: Scythe, Gauntlet
  • Asuri: Katar, Sword
  • Petra: Gauntlet, Orb
  • Ember: Bow, Katar
  • Magyar: Hammer, Greatsword
  • Teros: Hammer, Axe

Tier 3

  • Sir Roland: Lance, Sword
  • Lucien: Katar, Blaster
  • Dusk: Spear, Orb
  • Artemis: Lance, Scythe
  • Ulgrim: Axe, Lance
  • Bödvar: Hammer, Sword
  • Wu Shang: Gauntlet, Spear
  • Ada: Blaster, Spear
  • Val: Gauntlet, Sword
  • Orion: Lance, Spear
  • Diana: Bow, Blaster
  • Zariel: Gauntlet, Bow

Tier 4

  • Kaya: Spear, Bow
  • Lin Fei: Katar, Cannon
  • Thatch: Sword, Blaster
  • Thor: Hammer, Orb
  • Scarlet: Hammer, Lance
  • Brynn: Axe, Spear
  • Jaeyun: Sword, Greatsword

Tier 5

  • Lord Vraxx: Blaster, Lance
  • Kor: Gauntlet, Hammer
  • Azoth: Bow, Axe
  • Yumiko: Bow, Hammer
  • Gnash: Hammer, Spear
  • Hattori: Sword, Spear
  • Mako: Katars, Greatsword
  • Cassidy: Blaster, Hammer
  • Vector: Lance, Bow


Eventually, you might have got a clear idea about the best Brawlhalla characters from the above list. The different abilities of each character might baffle you in the beginning. But after several drills, you will be on the right path to master the entire Brawlhalla character pool.

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Brawlhalla Legends Tier List: Best Characters, Ranked (April 2022)


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