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Ubisoft’s Norse-themed platformer fighter Brawlhalla has finally come to mobile! Choose from a variety of mythical beings known as “legends” and fight against all sorts of legendary heroes in brutal platform combat! Use a variety of weapons to smash your opponents off stage, including axes, blasters, hammers, swords, scythes, and even rocket lances!

In Touch Tap Play’s Brawlhalla Mobile tips and tricks guide, we will go over the basics of fighting. Brawlhalla is a platform fighter designed to be easily approachable, but that does not mean it is lacking depth and complexity. Let’s get started with our Brawlhalla Mobile cheats, tips, and tricks strategy guide to fight better!

Complete the Tutorial

If this is your first time playing Brawlhalla, we highly recommend starting out with the tutorial. The game never prompts you with it, so it is very easy to miss. Completing the tutorial will reward you with some coins and you will not be completely lost on how to play the game.

To access the tutorial, go to Offline Play at the main menu, and the tutorial section will be all the way on the right. The game will teach you about the basic controls and how to get around.

Completing all three tutorials will reward you with 450 gold, which you can spend to unlock new legends.

After the tutorial, you will probably want to get some more practice in before you jump online. You can start up the training mode, which will give you a CPU dummy to practice your moves on.

The tutorial does a decent job of teaching you the basics, but we will show you how to apply those moves!

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Choosing a Legend

Brawlhalla is a little different from other platform fighting games. For starters, all of the legends’ base moves are relatively the same – it is the weapons that discern the legend’s main fighting style.

With that said, legends do have different stats and we will go over them here.

Strength is the legend’s ability to dish out damage. The higher it is, the more damage they will inflict upon their foes and the farther they will send them flying.

Dexterity is the legend’s proficiency with their weapons of choice. A higher dexterity stat means that the legend will have faster recovery times from attack animations.

Defense is the legend’s ability to take a beating and still be in the fight. Higher defense means more knockback resistance.

Speed is how fast the legend can move around on the ground and in the air.

Some weapons are better suited for different kinds of legends – for example a high dexterity legend would be a great match for fast combo weapons like gauntlets, swords, and katars.

We recommend experimenting with all of the currently free legends to see what you like and try to pick based on your playstyle.

Mastering Brawlhalla’s Combat

Here, we will do a deep dive and explain all of the manuevers and battle techniques you can perform to give you an edge in battle.

Light Attacks

The red button controls your basic light attacks. Light attacks have really short range, but they are quick and come out relatively fast, meaning that even if you miss the opponent does not have much time to counter attack.

These moves are your damage builders, and they should be used to rack up damage on your opponents. Stay mobile, dance around your opponent, and nail them with light attacks.

You have three light attacks, and the one you perform depends on the direction you are holding. No direction is your neutral/up attack, forward is your side attack, and down is your down attack.

Your down light attack is a slide that pushes you forward a bit, and it can catch opponents that are attacking high off guard. Your forward attack also sends you forward a bit, but this can be risky since you are more likely to be counter attacked.

Heavy Attacks and Going for the KO

The purple button controls your heavy attacks. As the name implies, heavy attacks are much stronger than light attacks, and if they connect successfully they do good damage and send your opponents launching into the air!

However, heavy attacks are very slow and easy to see coming if your opponent is paying attention. Heavy attacks have lengthy recovery times, so if you miss you could find yourself in trouble! Throwing heavy attacks out randomly is a good way to get yourself caught in your opponent’s attacks, so make sure you use them carefully.

Use light attacks to rack up the damage on your opponents, and use heavy attacks if you see an opening. When your opponent’s damage meter is at least orange, you can use a heavy attack to try to knock them out of bounds for a KO.

You can also charge up heavy attacks to give them even more power by holding down the button. A fully charged heavy attack can easily KO a legend that is at yellow damage or below, but beware that you are a sitting duck while you are charging and no smart opponent will simply walk into your attack.

Before you commit to a charged heavy attack, try to wait until your opponent is an unfavorable position for them. For example, say you have landed a heavy attack and your opponent is attempting to recover. Stand by the ledge where they are coming toward, and charge up your heavy attack – let it rip when they are close enough and watch them go flying!

Much like light attacks, you have three different heavy attacks that change depending on the direction you perform them in. Each legend has their own different attacks with their weapons, so try them all out!

Dashing, Spot Dodging and Air Dodging

The blue button is your dash button. Tap it while you are running along the ground to burst into a sprint, causing you run much faster. Dashing is helpful for closing the gap on your opponents or for simply getting around faster!

The dash button is also your dodge button. If you tap it while in neutral stance, you will perform a “spot dodge” and your legend will flash white. During the spot dodge animation, your legend is completely invulnerable to attack.

You are not invincible towards the end of the animation however, so carelessly using your spot dodge will get you punished very hard! The spot dodge is very fast, so good timing is required to get the most out of it. If you can master it, the spot dodge is a great way to swiftly dodge an opponent’s attack and deliver a counter attack.

You can also perform mid-air dodges. Air dodging while in neutral stance will temporarily freeze all your momentum and stop you in place for half a second, which can be useful for throwing your opponent’s timing off.

If you hold a direction and air dodge, you will slightly slide yourself in that direction, which can give you an extra boost back onto the ledge.

The spot dodge is very tricky and requires a lot of practice, but when mastered it can be a legend’s best friend. Spot dodge your opponent’s heavy attacks to leave them wide open, and go for the counter attack.

You can also use mid-air dodges to throw a hyper aggressive opponent off balance. Mix up your movement options and dodge in all sorts of direction to stay unpredictable. Do not let your opponent get a bead on your attack plan!

Recovering and Intercepting

If you get hit with a heavy attack and you go flying but not completely out of bounds, do not give up! You can still try to recover and make it back to the stage.

Remember that you have two jumps to help boost your vertical momentum to help you get back to the stage. When you use all your jumps, your legend will turn gray.

No matter what weapon you have currently equipped, your mid-air neutral/forward heavy attack will always be some kind of attack that propels you upward. Use this after you have used all your jumps for an extra boost.

And if that still is not enough, you can air dodge once before you have to touch the ground to air dodge again. Air dodging in an upward direction can cover that last bit of ground.

If you can at least touch the side of a platform, you are golden. You can use the wall jump to travel up the wall and get back onto stage.

But in a real match, you are most likely going to have an opponent waiting for you at the edge of the stage. Watch them carefully and make sure you do not get intercepted – they are most likely planning to charge up an attack to hit you just as you are making it back to the stage.

To prevent yourself from getting intercepted, mix up your recovery and make yourself unpredictable. Try attacking back, staying on the side of the stage, whatever that does not make you too obvious!

On the flip side, if you find yourself on stage still and your opponent is trying to recover, try to predict where they are going to be and attempt to intercept. You can charge up a heavy attack to hit them at the ledge as they are coming back on, or you can even chase them off-stage and try to intercept them mid-air.

Attacking a legend mid-air is the riskier option, but remember that you have the advantage. Your opponent is going to use all of their jumps, attacks, and air dodges to try to reach the stage while you will have full access to all of your moves since you are coming off the ground. Line up your attacks and finish off your opponent!

It should be noted that certain moves, like Sentinel’s forward hammer heavy attack, smashes opponents downward. If you can land an attack like this on an opponent off-stage, this will most certainly KO them!

Choose your Weapon

Each legend has two weapons they use in battle. During a match, glowing swords will spawn randomly around the stage. Picking these up with equip your legend with one of their two preferred weapons.

Knowing how these weapons control and getting a feel for them is the key to victory. You can KO opponents with just your fists sure, but weapons will get the job done much faster.

Weapons control generally similar from one legend to the next, but legends will have at least one unique move that is exclusive to them. Attack animations might be different, or the attack itself may do more damage than usual. It is up to you to get used to your favorite legend’s attacks.

Here is a general rundown of all the weapons and how they work!

Axes are heavy weapons that swing very slow, but the make up for the lack of speed with huge hitboxes. The swing arc on these things is very wide, so it is easy to clip opponents with them. They also deal pretty good damage.

Blasters have low knockback and generally low damage, but they come with the natural range advantage. You cannot do things like sit on the other side of the stage and blast away, but you can keep your opponents away by using the varied moveset carefully. Be mindful of the minimum distance on some of the attacks.

Bows are weapons that require a lot of finesse. A lot of the attacks are very narrow, so you need to be precise. They have a varied moveset – bows can clear the gap with slicing arrows, pick off opponents from afar with long rang arrows, and more.

Cannons are the slowest range weapon. With that said, they have a varied moveset that allows the user to fire powerful blasts from all around them.

Gauntlets are fast and in-your-face assault weapons perfect for players who like to rush in and get up close and personal. They lack range of course, but they make up for it with big combo attacks.

Grapple Hammers are powerful and slow heavy weapons that pack a punch. True to their name, some of its attacks can grab and toss players around.

Greatswords are probably the most unique heavy class weapon. They have a “tree” based combo system where your moves will change depending on what type of attack you performed previously. If you like complex but hard hitting attacks, the greatsword is for you!

Orbs are unique weapons that have relatively quick attacks. Some of the orb’s attacks can ricochet and bounce off walls, enabling a tricky playstyle.

Katars are dual wielded blades that allow for quick and deadly attacks that slice up your opponents. They deal light damage but their combo potential is very high.

Rocket Lances are rocket-propelled lances. Their attacks launch the user at opponents, which can catch them off guard. They excel in the air where you can use their launching abilities to the fullest.

Scythes are a rather deadly weapon that allows the user to “catch” their opponents and deal additional damage. Most of the scythe’s moves will stun opponents after they are hit, and depending on what direction you input afterwards, you will send opponents flying in that direction.

Spears are safe but strong weapons. They have the greatest range of all the melee weapons so that you can poke at opponents from afar and zone them out.

Swords are the most balanced weapon in all of Brawlhalla. They are short-range melee weapons with quick and decently damaging attacks, making them perfect for just about any situation.

Once you have found your favorite legend, be sure to head into training and mess around with their two weapons to get a feel for things.

If you head into the training mode, ALL of the legends are available to you regardless of whether or not you actually own them!

Fight for Valhalla!

Once you have gotten the hang of the game’s controls and physics, it is time to fight for Valhalla! You will only have a few gold starting out, so you will not be able to buy any new legends. Instead, you will have to pick from the free rotating characters.

Which is not too bad if you pick legends that use weapons that you like. Hop online and start playing in the free-for-all mode. You will go up against three other legends, and while it is chaotic it will give you good experience with the rest of the legends and weapons.

When you feel that you are ready, try out ranked mode where you will go up against a single opponent. This is where your skills will really be tested, so make sure you are prepared!

To get more legends, be sure to complete the daily missions every day. They are worth a little bit of gold, so you will need to complete quite a few before you can purchase your first legend. Good luck warrior, and may Valhalla shine upon you!

That is all for our beginner’s guide on Brawlhalla Mobile. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below.

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