Brawl Stars, Super Cell’s take on action multiplayer battle royale game, has become one of the most loved titles in the mobile gaming community. The game offers a plethora of playable characters, and Ash is one of them.

Ash is a Chromatic Heavyweight class brawler in Brawl Stars who excel on the battlefield when tagged with a healer, such as Bryon.

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In this Brawl Stars guide, we will talk about how players can unlock Ash while sharing tips on how to play Ash.

How to Unlock Ash in Brawl Stars

To unlock Ash in Brawl Stars, players have to reach Tier 30 in Season 8 Brawl Pass. 

Alternatively, players can also unlock Ash by opening Brawl Boxes after reaching Tier 30 in Season 8 Brawl Pass called Once Upon A Brawl.

How to Play Ash in Brawl Stars

Unlike many other Brawl Stars characters, Ash’s damage is moderately low when compared to other characters. Moreover, in terms of speed also, he is decent but not great. Even after all this, Ash is a great character—thanks to his Super: Little Helpers and the buffs he gets when his rage bar is full.

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Players can play Ash aggressively. First, players have to use Ash’s super skill on an enemy opponent. While the five mechanical rats close in to the enemy, players can do the same. And as soon as the rats explode and fill Ash’s rage meter, players can attack the damaged opponent and deal the final blow to win.

Sometimes, the situation will not allow you to benefit from Ash’s rage meter in terms of offense. In that case, you can always use his Chill Pill gadget ability to heal yourself.

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Also, keep in mind, Ash is a heavyweight type character. Meaning, he is strongest on maps with a high frequency of walls and bushes.

Brawl Stars is an action multiplayer game currently available on Android and iOS platforms.

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