Brave Conquest: Best Heroes in the Game & Heroes List

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In today’s article we are going to cover everything that you need to know about the Brave Conquest Heroes, share a list of all the heroes and tell you which ones we find the most useful, so that you can level them up and upgrade them before all the others.

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Firstly, there are a few things that you need to know about the heroes before we list of all of them:

– The heroes will unlock new skills when they reach milestone levels, such as 10 and so on. It’s an important reason why you should focus on spending your gold to level them up.

– In order to level up the heroes, you will only need Gold and to keep upgrading your Castle max level. (so the heroes’ max level can be higher)

– When you unlock Oasis you will be able to place your desired hero there to gain EXP over time, without you having to spend Gold (so it’s for free).

– When you upgrade your Castle you will unlock more Heroes and Troops

– When you have unlocked a hero’s skills (or skill) they will remain active even if the Hero is not deployed!

Brave Conquest – How to get more Heroes?

If you want to acquire more heroes, there aren’t quite a lot of things that you can do. Basically everything should revolve around you leveling up (player level up), and then upgrading the Castle.

This will unlock more Heroes, but if you are lucky there are two other ways to get heroes:

– from Gold Chests (when you go to your Castle -> Vault -> Gold Chest)

– from the random Treasure Chests that you will open from the world map (those chests that you will see laying around on your map)

From these, you will have a chance to get Heroes and Hero Shards, so good luck getting the best ones out there!

In order to open a Gold Chest, you are going to need either 1 Gold Key or 350 Diamonds to be able to purchase one. The Hero or Hero Shard rewards are random, so even if you decide to spend Diamonds to get it, consider the fact that it might not drop!

From the Silver Chest you will not receive Heroes of any kind, only Troops.

Grand Conquest – Heroes list

Here I am going to list all of the heroes and their traits, so you can learn better which ones are worth upgrading sooner than others, and which ones are better to use on the battlefield alongside your Troops!

Abyssal Lord

Active skill: Painflare – Spews a stream of fire upon the target, dealing huge amounts of damage continuously.


Command skills: Support ATK increased, Farm Production Speed Up, Cavalry Crit Rate increased, Mechanical Crit Rate increased.

Divine Sage

Active skill: Conviction – Constantly heals all friendly units within range over a period of time.


Command skills: Support HP increased, Clocktower Production Speed Up, Support Crit Rate increased, Support DMG reduction increased.

Dragon Knight

Active skill: Air Dive – Leaps to the targeted area and stuns all enemies within range for 2s.


Command skills: Cavalry ACC increased, Medal Production Rate of Hall of Honor increased, Cavalry EVA increased, Support ACC increased.

Grand Huntress

Active skill: Arrow Stream – Fires a volley of arrows which deal damage to all enemies in a cone 3 times.


Command skills: Ranged ATK increased, Tax Rate increased, Ranged HP increased, Ranged DMG reduction increased.

Ice Queen

Active skill: Whiteout – Creates a snowstorm that deals continuous damage and reduces MOV SPD of all enemies within range.


Command skills: Support HP increased, Item Production Speed Up, Infantry Crit DMG increased, Infantry Crit Rate increased.

Lunar Sentinel

Active skill: Lunar Cloak – Can switch freely between Bow and Staff. Bow: attack stance, unleashes a piercing arrow every 6s. Staff: support stance, restores allies’ HP over time.


Command skills: Hero HP increased, Building Upgrade Speed Up, Hero Crit Rate increased, Hero EVA increased.

Mech Beth

Active skill: Storm Call – Creates an electrostatic field that deals constant damage to and reduces 20% of ATK of all enemies within range.


Command skills: Infantry HP increased, Restaurant SPD increased, Mechanical Crit Rate increased, Ranged HP increased.

Mountain King

Active skill: Mountain Buster – Spins and slashes while moving forward, dealing massive damage to surrounding enemies. He is immune to crowd control debuffs and receives 50% less damage while spinning.


Command skills: Mechanical ATK increased, Factory Production Speed Up, Mechanical HP increased, Mechanical DMG reduction increased.


Active skill: Metal Shockwave – Strums guitar and generates 2 lightning shockwaves which electrocute enemies multiple times.


Command skills: Cavalry Crit DMG increased, Cavalry HP increased, Cavalry EVA increased, Cavalry ATK increased.


Active skill: Divine Smite – Smites enemies ahead with a giant hammer, dealing damage twice and stunning them for 4s.


Command skills: Infantry HP increased, Stone Production Rate of Stone Mines increased, Infantry ATK increased, Infantry DMG reduction increased.


Active skill: Petal Dance – Moves forward while rapidly thrusting, dealing multiple hits to all enemies within range, while increasing Roselia’s Crit Rate and ATK SPD by 50%. Lasts 6s.


Command skills: Mechanical HP increased, Accelerated Weapon Production, Ranged Crit Rate increased, Support Crit Rate increased.


Active skill: Sandstorm – Unleashes a cyclone that deals damage and inflicts knockback to all enemies in its path.


Command skills: Hero HP increased, Spell Upgrade Speed Up, Hero ATK increased, Hero DMG reduction increased.

Three Musketeers

Active skill: Triple Threat – Summons 2 musketeers at the battlefield for 8s. Also increases ATK SPED by 50% for 5s.


Command skills: Hero ATK increased, Tech Research Speed Up, Hero ACC increased, Hero Crit Rate increased.

Twilight Crusader

Active skill: Unyielding Charge – Charges forward to deal damage and stun all enemy units within range. She also gains a 50% damage reduction shield for 6s.


Command skills: Cavalry ATK increased, Medals Production Rate of Hall of Honor increased, Cavalry HP increased, Cavalry DMG reduction increased.

Vampire Lord

Active skill: Summon Bats – Summon 5 bat familiars on the battlefield for 15s.


Command skills: Ranged ACC increased, Stone Production Rate of Stone Mine increased, Ranged EVA increased, Support EVA increased.


Active skill: Lycanthropy – Wolfina gives in to her bloodlust and transforms into a wolf, gaining huge ATK boost, HP absorption and Berserk. Lasts for 8s.


Command skills: Cavalry HP increased, Tax Rate Increased, Infantry Crit Damage increased, Ranged Crit Rate increased.

In my opinion some of the best heroes in the game are Vampire Lord (for the free units spawn), Three Musketeers, Abyssal Lord and Wolfina. Of course, all of them are good and should be upgraded, as all of the skills will add up and give you massive boosts! But for now, I really consider these to be the strongest heroes.

These would be all the heroes currently available in the game! Make sure you take a look at our Heroes & Troops guide to learn everything you need to know about them, and also for a list of all the tips and tricks that we gathered so far, check out the game guide!

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Brave Conquest: Best Heroes in the Game & Heroes List

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