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Brave Conquest Cheats: Tips & Guide to Win All Battles

This article is over 4 years old and may contain outdated information

In today’s article we are going to cover all of the Brave Conquest tips and cheats to help you become more powerful and to teach you how to win all of your battles and build a powerful base of operations.

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If you like building, managing teams and generally becoming super powerful in a game quite quickly, then you will want to follow this guide because we will tell you step by step how to improve quickly and how to do everything the right way!

So, are you ready to learn all of the tips that we’ve got up our sleeves? Then let’s not waste another second and dive right into the Brave Conquest tips and tricks right here below!

Do the missions as quickly as possible

I suggest that the first thing you do in the game is follow the quest line, because this will quickly get you through the early (and most annoying) phases of the game, where you will have to unlock all of the features.

When you complete the missions you will gain EXP, and also get a little bit of understanding of what the buildings and the units in the game do, so you won’t get lost and be not sure how this and that work.

Basically another important part of completing the missions early on, is so that you will rush unlocking the Embassy, because that will allow you to join an Alliance and thus make the game much better.

Follow the battle’s requirements for 3*

Whenever you battle you will be in a battle, you will see on the left side of the screen a list of requirements which, when completed, will reward you with a star each. For example the normal battles each have 3 tasks, which when you complete (all of them) you will finish the mission with 3*.

Always try to do this, because it’s better to win with 3* than 2* or 1* (obviously) and the rewards will be much better.

Pick up the loot on the ground

Every now and then you will notice on the ground various items, which are not buildings, and you can pick them up. For example, you could spot a few chests, gold or even Boars which you can hunt.

Make sure you keep an eye on the environment, because these random items will pop up randomly (what did you expect from a random item?) and they are definitely useful. Make sure you pick the Gems especially, because you will have various uses for them all throughout the game.

Upgrade your buildings whenever you can

When you meet a building’s requirements for an upgrade, make sure you do it because it will definitely be great, since it will become more powerful and unlock new features which make the whole city stronger.

It’s good to keep all your buildings upgraded to the maximum level for your current level. I suggest that before you upgrade your Castle to the next level, you upgrade all your buildings to the maximum level possible. This will make everything much easier once you upgrade the Castle (which is your main building pretty much) because if you do it, you will have all the buildings to their maximum potential.

Dispel the fog

Even if it costs Gold to do it, whenever you level up and it’s possible to dispel some Fog, make sure you do it because that will unlock more territory slots where you can build and thus expand your territory overall.

Another good thing when you dispel the fog is that you will discover new tiles containing various loot. This can really come in handy if you are running low on resources and you need everything.

Join an Alliance ASAP

I suggest that you rush leveling at start and complete the quests (like I mentioned at the beginning of this guide) because you will unlock the Embassy building and that will allow you to (finally) join an Alliance.

When you join your very first Alliance you will receive 100 free Diamonds, which is super good! It’s best to join any Alliance that you can at the very start, and once you have become much stronger you should look to join a better Alliance, possibly one of the top ones.

Try looking for higher level Alliances, and if possible, for the ones with the most members. The number of members is important because the more members, the more active that Alliance is, and the more help you will receive for building.

Once you joined an Ally, you will see that when you start constructing or upgrading structures you will be able to tap on a button on top (with two helping hands) which will request help from your allies to build faster.

You should also pay attention if there is the “helping hands” button on top of the Embassy, because that means that your allies need you – help them out too!

Claim your free Gift Chest every day!

Every in game day you will be able to purchase a free Gift Chest in the Shop -> Daily Buys tab, and make sure you do it because it’s definitely good to receive free loot and items! One other good chest would be the Diamond Chest (costs 700 Diamonds), but it’s really difficult to buy that if you are a free player, and not a premium player.

Build all the available buildings

Whenever you level up, you will be able to construct new buildings. Always make sure you have all of the available buildings constructed, because that will increase your power and make your little city there even stronger.

Win all of your battles with the right troops

Now the game has a pretty complex battle system, so to help you further we have created the Troops and Heroes guide, and created a list of battle tips and tricks to help you win all of your fights.

There we have everything explained, as well as all of the troops bonuses against troops, so make sure you check them out and try to remember them, because they will give you major advantages (especially versus tougher opponents).

These would be all of our Brave Conquest tips and tricks that we have for you right now! Do you know more useful game tips or strategies you would like to share with the rest of the players? Leave them down in the comments section below!

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