Boogey Boy Review (iOS)


As kids, but even as adults, we find ourselves dreaming about running away from some mysterious danger that threatens to take our lives. Waking up from such nightmares feels like a relief… until you realize someone made a endless runner game where players will have to relive these nightmares!

Boogey Boy is a nice looking endless runner game developed by Goon Studios. The game’s presentation is without a doubt one of its more remarkable features, with players traversing a variety of stages featuring some colorful landscapes that could only come from dreams. This  unique presentation represents well the overall feel of the game.

Unfortunately the gameplay experience of Boogey Boy is not as remarkable as its presentation. As in several other games, the main character of Boogey Boy will be running through the five different stages automatically, with players only having to worry about jumping to avoid obstacles and obtain the three batteries needed to power up their flashlight and get rid of the terrible boogeyman. Collecting stars during the stages will also boost the score multiplayer. The main issue of the Boogey Boy gameplay experience is that it’s a bit too repetitive, since it takes very little to complete the five stages and there’s little incentive in replaying them, as even the different power ups don’t really change the experience that much.

Despite all this, I really cannot say that Boogey Boy is a bad game. The basics of the experience are solid and the inclusion of the Game Center leaderboards does give some incentive in playing the endless Arcade Mode. Only that it won’t take long for players to move on due to the game being too repetitive, with very little that can spice the experience up. A real shame, considering the excellent presentation and the things that could have been done with the game’s unique premise.


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Boogey Boy Review (iOS)


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