Blue Archive Iori Character Guide: Lore, Skills, and More


Nexon’s Blue Archive puts players in charge of a student strike team. Each student has her own quirks and combat style, so getting to know them is a must. Toady, we’ll be looking at Gehenna Academy’s Iori in our Blue Archive Iori character lore, skills, and more guide!

Iori’s Lore

A cold-blooded specialist of Gehenna Academy’s Prefect Team.

She uses her overwhelming force as field captain to ruthlessly discipline offenders. Iori is highly efficient and formidable in combat, but her stubbornness causes her to fall for even the most obvious traps.

— Iori’s in-game profile
  • Age: 16 years old
  • Birthday: November 8th
  • Height: 5’1″
  • Hobbies: Going on patrol, castigating others

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Iori’s Combat Skills

Iori is a 3-star Striker Dealer with piercing attacks and heavy defense. She prefers to fight indoors, utilizing her sniper rifle to pick off foes from afar. She dislikes urban and field combat.

Iori’s max base stats are:

  • HP: 18849
  • ATK: 2843
  • DEF: 92
  • Healing: 3825
  • Accuracy: 874
  • Evasion: 194
  • Crit: 194
  • Crit DMG: 200%
  • Stability: 2056
  • Range of Fire: 650

Iori’s combat skills are:

EX Skill: Major Roundup (Cost 3) — Iori fires three shots that each deal moderate damage to a single target. Upon impact, the shot explodes behind the target in a fan-shaped area, dealing further damage to anything caught in the blast.

Basic Skill: Bounty — Iori deals heavy damage to a single target every 25 seconds.

Enhanced Skill: One-Shot Bullseye — Iori’s accuracy increases.

Sub Skill: Prefect Team Nerve — Iori’s stronger when she’s attacking out of cover.

That’s all for Iori! If you have any other questions or tips, let us know in the comments below!

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Blue Archive Iori Character Guide: Lore, Skills, and More


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