Blue Archive Furniture Tips and Cheats: Crafting, Uses, and More

Blue Archive Furniture Tips and Cheats: Crafting, Uses, and More

Blue Archive is a new mobile RPG where you are able to get lots of different characters via Gacha. Then you will need to form a squad with characters you have and go for missions. However, this is not the only activity for your heroes. There is a thing called Café where teachers can interact with their students. This part of the game has a couple of features and one of the most important ones is Furniture. It mostly serves as decoration and a source of special resources called Comfort. This guide will tell you how to get and use Furniture in Blue Archive.

How to Use Furniture in Blue Archive

Furniture pieces in Blue Archive are different items you can use in your Café. They work as decorations and you are able to create a unique Café with a special design. But the most important feature of Furniture is called Comfort. This thing increases the amount of AP and Gold you are able to obtain from Cafe. So, the more Comfort you have the bigger your income.

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Different pieces of furniture are divided into 3 ranks. The items of the first rank provide you with 50 Comfort, and the other two with 120 Comfort and 350 Comfort. This system is similar to the characters’ ranks.

How to Get Furniture in Blue Archive

Furniture in Blue Archive is a very important category of items. In case you are interested in making your collection bigger, here is the list of all ways you can obtain Furniture in Blue Archive:

  • You are able to craft Furniture in Crafting Chamber.
  • You are able to obtain Furniture in Total War.
  • You are able to buy Furniture with real money in the shop. It is called Furniture Packs.
  • You are able to obtain Furniture from different Limited Login Events.

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Blue Archive Furniture Tips and Cheats: Crafting, Uses, and More


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