Bloons TD 6 Half Cash Guide, Strategy, and Tips


Bloons TD 6 is an unusual tower defense game in which various monkeys will be your main tower defense, and colorful balls instead of monsters. The game has many game modes, each of which is interesting and challenging, and you can play any of them. Today we will talk about the Half Cash mode, tell you how to win, and share tips that help you during the battle.

Bloons TD 6 Half Cash Guide, Strategy, and Tips

Half Cash is an entertaining challenge mode for the Hard mode of the game, in which you will receive half of any income. To play this mode, you need to unlock it, and to do this, you have to fully complete the Magic Monkeys Only and Double HP MOABs modes.

Strategy for Half Cash

Before starting the battle, you need to realize that there will be very little money, so immediately be prepared to save and try to earn as much as possible.

At the beginning of the game, you need to sacrifice your health to invest all the initial funds in additional income and good defense. Later sell defense towers for more money. Also, you need to choose a hero, and without a doubt, you should use Benjamin. This hero will increase your income, and with the help of the regeneration effect, it will help compensate for the lack of powerful protection.

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In addition to Benjamin, you can use the following heroes:

  • Quincy
  • Ezili
  • Sauda
  • Obyn Greenfoot

The right choice of towers is also very important, and here are the ones you should use:

  • Monkey Sub
  • Naval Upgrades
  • 0-3-2 Triple Shot or 0-2-3 Crossbow
  • 3-0-2 Glaive Ricochet
  • 4-0-2 M.O.A.R. Glaives
  • 0-2-0 Wall of Fire
  • 0-2-0 Counter-Espionage
  • 2-0-2 Airburst Darts
  • 2-0-3 Triple Guns
  • 2-0-4 Armor Piercing Darts
  • Berserker Brew
    • Spike Factory2-0-3 Neva-Miss Targeting
  • Monkey Aces
  • 2-0-4 Recursive Cluster
  • 2-0-3 Cluster Bombs

Tips for Half Cash

You can make the fight a little easier by using these boosters: Bonus Monkey!, Mana Shield, Military Conscription, More Cash, Hero Favors, and Pre-Game Prep.

Try to use those towers that generate money and deal damage at once: Lead, Rubber to Gold Alchemist, Bloon Trap Engineer, or Merchantman.

You can also use Insta-Monkeys or Double Cash during the battle. Thanks to these bonuses, it will be very easy to complete the Half Cash mode, but in our opinion, all the fun from the game is lost by using such items.

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Bloons TD 6 Half Cash Guide, Strategy, and Tips


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