Bloodstained Ritual of the Night

A new update has been released today for Bloodstained Ritual Of The Night, introducing bug fixes and balance adjustments,

Sadly, the update doesn’t include any performance improvement for the Nintendo Switch version. It’s been confirmed that these will come with a big update coming in the near future, and not through small updates as previously announced.

Catch the full update notes for today’s update below.

Bug Fixes

Fixed instances where Bloodless would not heal while using Blood Steal offscreen.

Fixed shards that had memory leaks

Fixed the physics bug on hair while using some accessories

Fixed the crash after interacting with a bookcase

Fixed items getting stuck on walls

Fixed repeating SFX during Beal encounter

Fixed instances where sliding into water would cause the player to get stuck

Familiar Changes:

Familiar upgrade via Grade was nerfed

Increased strength based on level

Dullhammerhead has been nerfed

Shard Adjustments (Decreased Power):

Riga Stroaema
    OLD ATK 28
    NEW ATK 24

    OLD ATK 15

    NEW ATK 10

Change Bunny
    OLD ATK 30

    NEW ATK 25

Flame Cannon
    OLD ATK 18

    NEW ATK 16

Straight Arrow 
    OLD ATK 18

    NEW ATK 16

Chase Arrow 
    OLD ATK 16

    NEW ATK 14

Heretical Grinder 
    OLD ATK 19

    NEW ATK 15

Circle Ripper 
    OLD ATK 36

    NEW ATK 32

Shooting Dagger 
    OLD ATK 24

    NEW ATK 20

Riga Dohin 
    OLD ATK 40

    NEW ATK 35

Welcome Company
    OLD ATK 18
 Spawns 5

    NEW ATK 12
 Spawns 3

Directed Shield 
    OLD MP 30/sec

    NEW MP 50/sec

Weapon Adjustments (Decreased Power):

Flying Edge
    OLD ATK 18

    NEW ATK 16

Rhava Bural
    OLD ATK 14

    NEW ATK 12

Rhava Velar
    OLD ATK 16

    NEW ATK 14

Weapon Techniques (Increased Power):

Surprise Gift

Force Blast

Lasting Wound

Flashing Air Kick

Crimson Storm



Changed crafting materials for Flame Cannon

Enemy HP Increases

Dullahammer Head


Boss Adjustments




Drop Adjustments

Increased the drop rate of “Monster Fur” from Simians


Text corrections


Valefor’s max HP heal is capped at 9999

Adjusted quest jingle volume

Adjusted lighting on GDN013 well (difficult to see that players can go through).


Map feature improvements

Bloodstained Ritual Of The Night is now available on Nintendo Switch in all regions.

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