The world of Black Desert Online is infested with a variety of monsters. Some of them are normal, some are rare, while some are big and come with red glowing eyes. Yes, we are talking about the field and world bosses in BDO.

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World Bosses in Black Desert Online drop yellow grade weapons (primary, secondary and awakening). Meanwhile, the field bosses drop yellow grade armor equipment. And, farming both of these items are a necessary process that every player has to go through, especially, after the end game, or reaching max level.

How to transfer account in Black Desert Online
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Knowing Black Desert Online boss schedule will help you in farming yellow grade weapons and armor. It will make sure that you don’t miss any important world or field boss.

In the wake of that, here is the complete schedule for bosses in Black Desert Online.

Boss Schedule Time
(UTC +5.5)
13.5:01KarandaAncient KutumKarandaAncient KutumNouverMirumok Destroyer OffinKzarka, The Lord of Corruption
16.5:00Kzarka, The Lord of CorruptionKzarka, The Lord of CorruptionKzarka, The Lord of CorruptionKarandaNouverAncient Kutum
20.5:00Kzarka, The Lord of CorruptionNouverKarandaAncient KutumAncient KutumAncient KutumNouver
23.5:00Mirumok Destroyer OffinAncient KutumNouverNouverKarandaNouverKzarka, The Lord of Corruption
Next Day 03.5:00Ancient KutumNouverAncient Kutum
————-Mirumok Destroyer Offin
Kzarka, The Lord of CorruptionNouverMuraka
Next Day 06.5:00NouverKarandaVellAncient KutumKzarka, The Lord of CorruptionKzarka, The Lord of Corruption
Next Day 09.5:15Kzarka, The Lord of CorruptionGarmothKzarka, The Lord of Corruption
GarmothKzarka, The Lord of Corruption
———-Ancient Kutum
Conquest WarsNouver
———Kzarka, The Lord of Corruption
Next Day 10.5:15Muraka
Next Day 11.5:15KarandaKzarka, The Lord of Corruption
———– Ancient Kutum
NouverKzarka, The Lord of Corruption
————-Ancient Kutum
———Ancient Kutum

The above schedule in universal time format. If you want to check the BDO bosses schedule for your particular region, visit this website. Next, select your region and you will get a table consisting of the BDO boss schedule.

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An alternate website that tracks Black Desert Online boss schedule region wise.

Black Desert Online is currently available on PS4, Xbox One, PS5, PC, Xbox Series X and Series S platforms. Meanwhile, a different version of the game called Black Desert Mobile is available on Android and iOS platforms.

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