BitLife Prison Escape 6×6 Guide: How to Escape all 6×6 Prisons in BitLife


BitLife is the game where anyone can do anything, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be appropriate consequences! If you live the life of crime, you might get caught and be sent to prison. If you’re daring enough, you can attempt to escape prison, but you’ll need to solve a very hard maze! Today, we’ll show you how to escape all 6×6 prisons in our BitLife prison escape 6×6 guide!

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BitLife: Escaping All 6×6 Prisons

If you commit any kind of crime, there is a chance you’ll have a run in with the cops. You can try to get away, but most of the time they’ll catch you and send you straight to prison.

You can either choose to wait out your time in prison and be let go naturally, or you can attempt to break out. Prison isn’t for the lighthearted, and you might even die just trying to survive, so it’s usually a good idea to escape.

When you decide to escape, the game will select a maze layout from a list that corresponds to the level of prison you’re in. The more secure your prison, the harder the layout will be.

Your goal is to move towards the exit icon in the maze, at which point you’ll be freed. The catch is that for every space you move, the guard moves two, so you really need to plan out your route.

The 6×6 prisons are on the side of the easier prisons, so you’ll only get these if you have been caught shoplifting or something minor. We’ll show you all the possible layouts and directions on how to escape them.

You should know that BitLife has one more trick up its sleeve. The prison layouts will always be one of these layouts, but sometimes the game will flip the layout upside down!

If this happens, make sure you double-check that you have the right layout. It might also help if you flip your device upside down, and reverse all the directions. For example, if a direction says to go down, you would go up if your layout is upside down.

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Prison Layout 1

  1. Up x 2
  2. Left x 2
  3. Up x 2
  4. Down
  5. Right
  6. Down x 3
  7. Left
  8. Down
  9. Left
  10. Right
  11. Up
  12. Right x 4
  13. Up x 4
  14. Right

Prison Layout 2

  1. Left
  2. Up
  3. Left
  4. Right
  5. Down
  6. Right x 2
  7. Up
  8. Right
  9. Down x 4
  10. Left
  11. Down
  12. Left x 3
  13. Up x 2
  14. Left
  15. Up
  16. Down
  17. Right
  18. Down x 2
  19. Right
  20. Left
  21. Right x 3
  22. Up
  23. Right
  24. Up x 2
  25. Left x 2
  26. Up
  27. Left
  28. Up
  29. Left x 2
  30. Up

Prison Layout 3

  1. Left
  2. Down
  3. Right
  4. Down x 4
  5. Left x 5
  6. Up x 5
  7. Down x 5
  8. Right x 5
  9. Up x 4
  10. Left
  11. Up
  12. Down
  13. Right
  14. Down x 4
  15. Left
  16. Right
  17. Left
  18. Up x 2
  19. Left x 2
  20. Up
  21. Left x 2
  22. Down x 3
  23. Up x 3
  24. Right x 2
  25. Up x 2
  26. Left
  27. Up

Those are all the possible layouts for the 6×6 prisons in BitLife. We hope our BitLife prison escape 6×6 guide on how to escape all 6×6 prisons helped, and if you have any other questions or tips, let us know in the comments below!

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BitLife Prison Escape 6×6 Guide: How to Escape all 6×6 Prisons in BitLife


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