Today we’re debuting a brand new feature here at Touch Tap Play: a recap of the biggest and best news and happenings in the mobile gaming world… that you might have not read. It’s a weekly recap where we share, from all over the web, the biggest stories.

Actual truth: Well, it’s not going to be a recap of stories coming from “all over the web (who still uses that term?)” but just some of our favorite websites – which are definitely your as well.

So without further ado, let’s begin our first ever mobile gaming stories round-up by checking out the best bits of last week!

We’re starting the round-up with a thought-provoking piece on Pocket Gamer: Why aren’t there more LGBTQ+ games on the App Store?

The good folks over at Touch Arcade went to the Tokyo Game Show and checked out all the indie mobile games they could. They wrote about them here, and hopefully future TGS editions will offer a lot more exposure to indie developers.

I’ve seen – especially on Android – a gazillion Minecraft-like games being released and becoming extremely popular. I still can’t really explain how’s that even possible since none of these clones bring anything new to the table, but there’s apparently a big market for these games. Some are actually really good – and Emily Sowden shared over at 148Apps the 5 best.

Last week also marked the launch of one of the biggest titles on mobile: Dragalia Lost by Nintendo. Unfortunately, the game only seems to be available in the US right now, with no word about the worldwide release, but we do hope it’s coming sooner rather than later.

If you want to keep your brain working hard and also enjoy, at the same time, some solid gaming, the folks over at AppSpy have shared the 5 best physics-based iOS puzzlers in their article. Tiny Bubbles is there, so I am happy!

You also probably know that Monster Hunter Stories has made its way to mobile. However, many consider it quite expensive, especially for a mobile game and Pocket Gamer’s Harry Slater explains why it is so. Good points there too!

If you’re into free to play games and prefer AR gaming instead and you also happen to be a fan of Pokemon Go, but would like to try out something new, here’s a list of games like Pokemon Go. And there are more coming, in case you still have time left to play!

Finally, there’s a game that kind of flew under the radar last week with all the big releases: Chaos Reborn Adventures. This is a really solid game for iOS and Android, created by the makers of the original X-COM. You know it’s good stuff from this alone!

And this would be it. A lot more happened in the mobile gaming world last week – that’s a fact, but these are the top things you should be aware of, in our opinion.


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