For those of you who love reality shows like Storage Wars or Pawn Stars and the likes, BidWars: Pawn Empire is the closest thing you’ll get to the real experience. And since it’s not easy to reap on the profits, our Bid Wars Pawn Empire cheats and tips will guide you through all the steps required to get the most out of the game.

The concept is pretty simple here: you attend auctions at various storage houses, estimate the value of the storage room and start bidding against three other buyers, hoping that you get the storage room itself and end up with a bit of profit afterwards. It’s not as easy as it sounds, but it sure is really fun!

There are many things to take into account when playing this game, so let’s not waste a single second and let’s check out below some Bid Wars Pawn Empire tips and tricks in our complete strategy guide below!

IMPORTANT: This is a guide for Bid Wars Pawn Empire. If you’re interested in the new game, make sure to check out our Bid Wars Stars guide here.

Try to learn the prices of the items
Before bidding starts in a room, you have a few seconds to look around and tap the items to estimate the price of that storage room. However, the regular items which make the majority of things you’ll see in a room always have the same price and even the rarer ones have a minimum price.

As you play the game, try to remember these prices in order to easily estimate the value of the room. Usually, my way of dealing with this is to set a maximum bid based on my estimated price plus $100, up to $200 more depending on the number of boxes. It works, usually:

It gets a bit trickier if more than one rare item are in the room: these items can sell for much more than the minimum price, so always keep that in mind and if you think it’s worth the risk, take it. You can’t go to a storage war without being ready to risk a bit.

Finally, knowing the prices of the items helps a lot when dealing with clients who come to sell you their stuff directly: you’ll know how to valuate the items they bring, as it usually happens for them to ask a lot more than what it’s worth.

Rare items usually mean higher profits
As you probably know, these rare items can be researched and, if proven to be the real deal, they can be sold for much more than the indicated price. Considering the fact that you will only sell them in the store for an even higher price based on the offers you get, it means that this is where your big money will come from.

So never hurry to sell an item unless the price you’re getting for it is at least 5% higher, but try to wait until you get a bonus of at least 10%.

Take your time to research items in the college
There is absolutely no point in selling rare and rarer items without researching them in the college. If you do this and they are proven to be genuine (which is usually the case), you will get a lot more money for that particular item, raising your profits even more. Never ignore the college!

Watch video ads to reduce waiting times
You always have to wait for 1 hour for the college research of your item to complete, no matter what’s the rarity. Watching a video ad cuts about 20 or 30 minutes of waiting time and it’s extremely useful when it comes to rushing things – so make sure you do that as often as possible.

Also, you can watch ads to rush the offer time for your in-store items in case you’re in a hurry and you want to free up some inventory space.

Upgrade only when you have enough money left afterwards
Make sure that you buy upgrades only when you have enough money left afterwards to buy all the rooms at your next auction. You don’t want to see a storage room that gives you tons of profit and have no money to buy it.

My approach to upgrading things in Bid Wars Pawn Empire is this: I always buy upgrades (one or two, at most) before taking a break from the game and only when I have a full set of items selling in the shop and one being researched in the college. This way I am sure that I’ll have enough funds to keep on going for the bigger storage rooms out there.

These would be our BidWars Pawn Empire tips and tricks. If you have other strategies or pieces of advice for the fans of the game, let us know by posting a comment below.


    • Play higher levels & also just look for items in the locker that say “this looks interesting” , “gotta have this” or anything un-boxed or not covered that doesn’t give an estimate price.

  1. text document (Red cook books) are in Las Vegas , as are old boxes of records.

    I reckon i have done 50 rooms at Las Vegas and have 1 cook book so far!

  2. I have played 4 days doing Las Vegas at least 30 times, I can’t find an amateur radio…I’ve also played Honolulu, Miami, & San Francisco, but still no radio…what the hell???

    • Should be at the bottom of the map, across the street from the pawn shop, the closest building under construction…might have to be level 14 or 15 to do it, I’m not sure it just popped up on mine…

    • Look at the icon in the quest of the item…match it up with the icon of the things in the storage rooms when you buy them…usually tool bags…found in lower level auctions like Miami & San Francisco…

  3. UPDATE: If you’re on the amateur radio quest, you CAN get them in Honolulu & Ottowa, as well as Las Vegas…now that I completed that quest I’m finding them everywhere lol

  4. Has anyone else experienced when you haven’t played all night, & in the morning when your “energy” is maxed out (30/30) that you can do an auction or 2 & your “energy” doesn’t go down at all? I just did 2 auctions in Ottowa & my “energy” is still at 30/30 maxed out…dunno if it’s a glitch or what????

  5. I have played 100 rounds on the same mission and have only gotten 2/4 military or weapon items. This is no longer fun and the creators of this game should get hit by a bus

  6. I feel like this game should have some sort of list of auction items. One list to say what category and the other to tell the location. That will save weeks of doing nothing.

  7. Anyone know what item comes between the snowboard and the expensive office chair? It will cost between $435 and $440. I’m missing it and can’t figure out what it is or where to get it. Thanks.

  8. Does anyone know where to find an electrocardiogram? I have the defibrillator but, I’ve been unable to find the electro and I’ve been looking for months now. I know it sometimes takes a few tries to get the item you need but, I just want to make sure I’m buying units in the right city. Any ideas where I can find it?

  9. i cannot access the multi semi-legal market.. im currently in level 12.. i placed an item to exchange but now that i have the object to claim for the exchange i cannot open it. everytime i open it my game lags. you have to close and reopen the app.. can some one help me??.

    and another thing i cannot find the box of old records?

  10. I am at the last auction site and am trying to get all the inventory blanks filled. I need 5 more uncommon items, 3 rare, 1 very rare, 4 legendary and quite a bit more common items. Does anyone know if it is possible to get all those empty blanked items?

  11. Hi
    Im in lvl14 and i have to wait 8 hours for the first offer if the item is over 350$… Why that happens? A friend in the same lvl waits just for 3 hours for the same item… Is anybody knows something?

  12. In the mission to get 200 common items, how do you keep track of which ones you’ve already got? Do the little icon in the top corner disapear when you have sold the item or is it just a tag for common items?

  13. i have been looking for the civil war diary FOREVER. it tells you to look in Vegas, but after literally hundreds of tries, NOTHING. I have done all auctions past Istanbul and nothing. WHERE, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, IS THE CIVIL WAR DIARY..!?!

  14. Where can i find the vintage gas pump and. Civil war soldier diary? Im to the forst advanced level auctions and can not find them still! Please help. Actuallyi did find tge civil war diary at one point but it was before the quest and idk where i found it. But never founf a gas pump!

  15. Hi, im on the mission which states find the facts of any 3 items, ive found rare and legendary items and put them through college but all facts are locked , how the hell do u unlock them. Tia

  16. bonjour je n’arive pas a retrouver dans quel ville ce trouve le poele en fonte et le rasoir antique et de plus mutt me propose plus de mission sa me mets depuis plusieurs jours de nouveau objectif arrive merci


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