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Bid Wars Stars Guide: Tips & Cheats to Always Pick the Best Storage

Bid Wars Stars Guide: Tips & Cheats to Always Pick the Best Storage

The newly released Bid Wars Stars Multiplayer joins the list of mobile games inspired by the popular TV show. Out of them all, this becomes the most exciting of them all simply because you are competing against other players. And we’re to help you make the best out of it by sharing a complete Bid Wars Stars guide: tips & tricks to always make a profit!

Even if you haven’t played games like this one before, you will quickly learn the basics and the mechanics. But from this to being an actual PRO, better than the rest and always ranking #1, there might be a bit of a walk. We’re here to guide you through it!

So let’s not waste a single second and instead let’s check out some Bid Wars Stars tips and tricks below!

Let them fight for that first storage room!

That first storage box is really important in the game because it could literally take out a player out of the bidding war. So do your best to make that happen.

For some reason, bidding is intense on that first storage – and goes down in popularity afterwards. But if you can make one player overpay, you have better chances at scoring a good deal next. The ones who overpay are those who drive prices up anyway, so you need them out of the game ASAP.

Of course, this isn’t easy to do and you might end up getting burned yourself if you try to push it too far. Try to bid 2-3 times only, and never above the amount that you think the storage box might make you.

If people are not very active and very patient instead, you could actually end up snatching the first storage for a low price: this is a strategy that also works with overly cautios players.

Just be ready to adapt and be active with the bidding. If things get to insane and intense, step away and let them waste their money, but if they’re too quiet, definitely take it.

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Don’t wait too long before placing your bid

I know that it increases the suspense and makes everything better to come with a last second bid… but at the same time, I’ve seen this backfire more often than not.

The thing is that you’re not the only one who enjoys pulling this trick: other players do as well. And if you are unlucky enough to press the Bid button after another player has done so (or there’s a bit of lag), you might end up bidding more than you actually wanted.

So do play it safe, set an amount you won’t go over and stick to it. No last minute calls, as those could cost you a lot!

Always know how much money you have on hand

This is extremely useful for planning buys after you have already bought a storage box and you no longer have the maximum amount of money. This makes it a bit more difficult to beat other players who have more money, but not impossible as long as you know how the bidding system works.

Realistically, you can’t expect to get more than 2 storage rooms in a game. It’s just very unlikely you’ll have the money for that! But two can be easily bought without you even wasting all your money. It all depends on the circumstances, but you should always be ready!

Try to never bid more than 50% of your funds on a storage box, unless it meets two requirements: first and most important, you are 100% sure that the box is going to make you a profit; and second, it’s the final box.

If you manage to get one for maximum 50% of your money, chances are you are in the race for winning that second storage room too. Just plan your bidding ahead and be strategic about them.

Players might go to a maximum of 1050 dollars for a room, for example. In that case, plan the bids ahead so that you are the one making the 1050 bid. If that’s happening in New York, for example, anything above that amount is a big risk and you might lose money if you bid more. So if you force another player to bid over – it’s their loss not yours. If not, you get the storage room. So either way, you win.

So know how the bidding increases – don’t bid at 900, if you only have 1050 to bid. If somebody bids above you, you won’t be able to bid again. So know the money you have on hand and be smart about bidding, always doing it at the right time.

Try to learn the value of the products

There are a lot of products in Bid Wars Stars and even more of them will be hidden from view, but for the ones you can see, it’s very important to know their value in order to properly estimate the overall value of the room.

Unlike in real life where seeing a lot of cheap stuff usually means that we’re dealing with a room filled with junk, here everything is random. So one of the boxes could always hide something valuable… but it’s still best to estimate and bid based on that.

While you will obviously not be able to remember all the prices for all the junk items, try to remember them for those rare and epic ones that you found. I sometimes won rooms with lots of rare items at great prices simply because the other players had no idea how much they were worth.

You can do the same or at least know the prices and have an estimate for each room you’re going to bid for in over to leverage potential losses.

Choose the right character for the job

There are various characters that you can play as in the game, each with a different speciality. For example, Karen is a Hobby Specialist that has a chance of highlighting for you Hobby items up to Rare rarity). JC does the same with Toys, May with art objects and so on.

While you can level them up – and you will level up your characters eventually – and it makes sense to bring into the “battle” the highest level one, in some occasions it wouldn’t make sense to bring specific characters.

For example, John is a tech specialist and can highlight tech items. However, most of the tech items will only start popping up in the game once you reach Chicago. This means that playing with John until that point is basically a waste of skills because there will simply be no (or very few) tech items to recommend.

Hobby items are aplenty, though and available in the early stages in greater numbers, so it would make sense for you to be a Karen. Either way, always make sure that you are playing a character that gives you the biggest possible advantage.

Constantly sell at the pawn shop

The more you play, the more items you will end up having. The only way to get rid of them right now is by selling them in the pawn shop. You should do this regularly in order to make some money, unlock boxes and keep your inventory as clutter-free as possible.

Planning a bit ahead when selling can save you a lot of time. For example, as soon as you log into the game, you can start selling those 10-15 minute items, depending on how much time you plan to spend in-game. It will usually take 2-3 bidding wars for you to sell those.

If you have a lot of lower value items, sell those first. 1 minute passes really fast and these are the first you should get rid of. Keep your phone turned on and in the game and constantly sell items of lower value – there’s really no other way around it.

For the rare and epics that take up to an hour to sell, the best choice is to wait until you have six of those, put them all on sale and then watch an ad for instantly selling those. If not, start working on those when you log out and are away from the game for longer.

It’s important to keep coming back to the game regularly and collect the money from the items you have sold, then put new ones on sale. The more you do, the more boxes you open and the better you will do in the game.

What to do if you run out of money?

In the very unlikely situation that you no longer have money left, you can always go to the store and watch a video ad for 800 free dollars. Or just start selling some more expensive items in the Pawn Shop – if you have 6 of those and you decide to watch an ad to rush them, chances are you’ll get more than 800 dollars from them.

This would be our Bid Wars Stars guide for today. Do you have additional advice for fellow players? Let us all know by sharing your comments below!

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